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I am definitely going to do a songfic of Yui and Citan to the song by Dishwalla, Candleburn. It would definitely be Yui's take on the whole Sigurd and Citan relationship. Man I loved Yui so much... I mean Citan could take Sigurd but damn if I'd go after Yui.. Yui is a treasure, so is Midori.


I usually don't hate on the significant others of the men that I chose to yaoi-fy.. I liked Raine too.

Leblanc doesn't count as a significant other though. It never directly shows Leblanc and Nooj in canon, just shows you how freaky!stalkers she can be. I mean really.. a -statue-... no one in love keeps a statue to someone in their room especially if they are able to hold them at night or whenever they can get a chance. Obsessive people scare me.

Citan: *eyes Nia* Same here.

And just a reminder. Citan and Midori


And also that is what I want for my birthday.. Citan stuff.. Citan stories, poems, drawings.. yes.. if you give me that for my birthday I shall be -very- happy.

4 months and counting! ^_^

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