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~Icon change time~

Since of course I am -always- getting new friends on my journal, for many of you who know me, will know that it is time to change the icon that goes up as the default. The new ones will ask.. "Well just pick one then"

Nope, we have to do this the Nia way. And for many of you people who have been here know exactly -how- I change my icons.

I do it by my MP3 list. That means that the next song that comes up on my playlist will determine -what- icon gets to be in the spotlight next. We shall call it "Nia's Wierd Song Associations.." And more often then not Citan gets screwed. It's lovely and I love it, it also instills a bit of randomness in my life. ^_^

Right now the song "Planet Earth" is playing which is the first song that Duran Duran made a music video for.. and in which Simon looks like a gay sailor.. it's cute.. him bouncing around in sashes. *giggles*

*drumrolls* Song is.....

"Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Anymore" Thank you Pet Shop Boys for such a -long- song title. And so I picked the one with the keyword "Citan a little bit annoyed"

Because this sounds like an -annoyed- song.

Even though Citan is -rarely- annoyed, the only one I can forsee annoying him is Kahr.

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