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~A Parent's Guide to J-rock~

1) Don't worry, your kid probably isn't gay, even though the pics hanging next to their bed looks like girls.

2) Don't get your kid an English CD for their birthday or any other gift giving holiday, they probably won't like it.

3) When they show you a pic of their favorite singer, don't instantly assume that it's a girl, it probably isn't.

4) If you walk into the room while they are on the computer and they minimize the window instantly, don't be offended, it's probably for your own protection.

5) Don't be suprised if their total clothing and make-up style changes

6) If they start speaking a language that is almost English, but not quite, don't worry. Its called "Engrish". You'll get used to it.

7) Don't insult their favorite J-Rockers.

8) When they start talking about Lucifer, they aren't worshiping Satan.

9) Buy more ink jet cartridges for the printer, the more pics the fan has, the happier they will be.

10) Don't be suprised when you can no longer talk to your child about anything except Japan.

11) Be prepared to learn more than you ever had, about something you never wanted to know about.

12) A man in a dress is sexy, no matter what you say, nothing can change that.

13) Don't correct them when they spell the name "hide" with a lower case h, that's how it's done.

14) When they collect scrap fabrics to make plushies, don't worry, they aren't practicing voodoo.

15) It doesn't matter that they don't know what the singers are saying, don't bother arguing about it.

16) J-Rock isn't a phase and they won't grow out of it.

*just dies* I haven't laughed so hard since.. yesterday.. *snickers*
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