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~You all know what time it is again~

It is icon-changing time. And for all of you on my list. We know the drill. (At least the old people, the new people are not too familar with it)

I change my icon according to the next song that comes on my playlist.. and I match up an appropriate icon to match. It is very random, just like me. Once again time for Wierd Word Associations. *YAY*


13 seconds...


"Run to You" by Modern Talking

This might be difficult. -_-

"I will run to you
I will kiss the rain..
Make your dreams come true
If I have you back to you
I will run to you
Every day and night
Give you all my heart
Want to have you by my side."

And it happens to be fox_reed's favorite picture.

"Citan mulling over the past"

Enjoy it! *grins*

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