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~Reflections on this evening~

Once again I get twisted ideas from the popcorn machine. It is how long it takes me to detail the thing. Being a virgoan that takes -quite- a while. I like to be a perfectionist and take my time.. and my mind wanders while I clean. I thought up two new incarnations. Both promise to be quite twisted.. (so many incarnations, so little time. *hee's*)

Then I found out that on monday night, one of my co-workers caught two fifteen year old girls sniffing crack in the bathroom. Ah the things I miss when I suddenly decide that my throat hurts too bad to go to work. There are a certain few things that you do not do. One of them is crack in the movie theater at a MILITARY BASE. Yes, you'll get screwed.

Then when I was working the cash register. A guy came up to the thing and he was looking at my chest for a few minutes. Then he looked back up at me and went in the most deadpan voice he could muster. "You got whacked cuz you're weak." Now for all of those that are not Chrono Trigger literate. That is the phrase that Magus uses. And being that I was wearing my Magus T-shirt, it made alot of sense -why- he said it. I responded with "The Black Wind howls... again." to which point we then started a conversation and he attempted to stay out and talk to me while the movie played. I think he was hitting on me... I did not have the heart to tell him that I batted for his team, However he is a self avowed Bart Fatima fan which I can theoretically live with granted that I told him that I was obsessed with Citan Uzuki. He told me Citan was cool.. which merited a A+++ in my book.

Then I came home and we went to Wal-Mart where I bought some new foundation and powder. Some green tea body wash, a new Baby Names book. (because I lost my old one.. don't know where it went) and the new V.C Andrews book called Celeste which promises to be interesting and which involves crossdressing. I already think I am going to love the main female character already. Alexi picked up the 7th season of Friends which we are preparing to watch a few episodes of it right now. ^_^

That is my evening in a nutshell. *yaryaryar*

Oh so many twisted ideas.. *snarks* Kuro.. Citan is guarenteed to H8 me FOREVER. *cackles*

Which reminds me.. something just for a certain individual.

"She walks in beauty like the night,
Of cloudless climes and starry skies.
And all the best of dark and bright..
Meet in her aspect and her eyes."
- Byron

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