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This is actually something that I wrote a long time ago. It is humerous.. featuring Setzer Gabbiani (from FF6) and an original character by the name of Violetta Durante. So I am going to post it here. *hee's*

"I'm not exactly in the mood for Mozart and all that kind of going's on"

*Vases Crash in complete succession*

"You bastard!" Violetta screamed, her face turning the hue of her luxerious strawberry blond hair.


"Look at the world, It's a complicated place,
And it's hard its hard to keep the faith,
You've got to wear a smiling face."

There was just something about the diva type that so thouroughly snared Setzer, it was inevitable that he would be attracted to them, and of course he recognized it in Violetta, and so with much trepidation he pressed his face against the cool glass of the windows where he could see Violetta pacing around. She claimed that she was never like this til she met him, and then the shit hit the proverbial ceiling. But sheesh it was only a minor lie, he shouldn't be castigated for it.

A rain drop hit the tip of his nose and he glanced up at the thunderclouds. "Dammit!" This was the last thing that he wanted to happen, especially since he was stuck out here until Violetta unlocked the door, Setzer huffed, it was -his- airship and yet some female was locking him out, the nerve.

He scratched at the window and pressed his nose against it, making his best puppy face.

It wasn't working.

"But what we've got is a blue light special on truth,
It's the hottest thing with the youth,
You've got nerves we need to soothe."

Violetta made a face and started to kick things, sometimes she wondered if she wasn't better off with Troy Kirkland, the royal pompas ASS of Olympus and maybe the better man -hadn't- won, maybe it was just the sneakiest, most conniving, most ill-mannered.. he couldn't even cook to save his life. Why did she even -marry- him and his techno-geek-pseudo masculine persona.

She glanced over at the window, and saw him with his face pressed against the window, she huffed and turned her back, walking into the kitchen. It wouldn't work this time, he could snivel and whine all he wanted. Call her a bitch if you must, it was well earned.

"If you've got to believe in something,
Believe in us cause we make it easy.
Peace and Love, Incorperated."

"What a bitch" He muttered under his breath as he watched her disappear into the kitchen, though instinctively his eyes strayed to her rather nice ass, then he had to stifle his chauvinistic thoughts.... damn he hated to admit it but perhaps Edgar was a bad influence on him.

Being the Princess of Bauhaus, that is what this attitude was for, she was spoiled and thinking she was too good for a great many things, including him. He banged his forhead against the window in repeat succession, both cursing and thanking his lucky stars that he made the windows out of synthetic materials that were virtually unbreakable.

"Shop around, see if you don't agree,
We think it fits you to a "T"
And the best part is that it's free"

"Free.. hah!" Setzer thought as he started to pace the length of the picturesque window that covered the entire length of the living room, "Everyone said that sex was free when you got married however those same people neglected to leave out the hidden surcharges that are scattered everywhere. Be a good puppy, nod and give her absolute attention and then you might get sex... might being the key operative word here."

Setzer glanced up and saw Violetta had opened the door and looked at him with that shocked expression on her face and then he realized that he hadn't -just- been thinking. "Ummm..."

"So that is what it is.. a charge! You are such a dick, Setzer Malcolm Gabbiani!" Violetta then slammed the door back on him even though she had every intention of letting him before.


"I believe we've got the market cornered this time,
We can make you feel fine.
It could affect your bottom line."

There went his chances out the door, landing right next to him on the deck of his airship. He turned around to kick the nearest thing within radius and his booted toe made contact with the hard metal of a steel pipe. It rendered his right foot instantly numb and he bounced up and down on his good foot.

He hoped Violetta could see him in his misery, he hoped that she felt sorry for him and let him back in to the warmth of the house area of the airship. The rain had started pouring down with more force and it left him with little options for the night. Sure he could sleep in the engine room but that wasn't too terribly comfortable.

"If you've got to believe in something,
Believe in us because we make it easy,
If you got to belong to something,
Belong to us cause we'll make you peasy."

Violetta heard a sound coming from outside, she could hear it from the pipes that led from the stove to outside. Quirking her eyebrows slightly she glanced over her shoulder to see that Setzer wasn't there eoyj hid adorable face pressed against the vista window. She set her towel aside as she had been washing the dishes for the evening meal and walked over to the door and peeking out of the eyehole though really it wasn't needed for only people with clearance were allowed on the airship.

There he was, a lone figure huddling on the deck. His chin set in a stubborn line as if he didn't want to admit something and looking almost akin to a recalitrant schoolboy with his white hair plastared to his face by the force of the rainstorm that was kicking up. And something in Violetta's heart went out to him quite strongly. She unlocked the door and then ran out into the rain, kneeling beside her husband on the smooth wet with rain airship floor.

"Setzy.. do you want to come back inside?" And like that Violetta was better. She really didn't want Setzer to sleep out here and catch a cold and very softly her arms went around his shoulders and she leaned her head against his trenchcoat and thereby getting her even more wet.

"Yes... " Setzer murmured with the slightest hint of a pout as he cast a baleful look at Violetta, mostly to get her to see how pathetic he looked and felt and gain some sympathy and guilt from her.

She knew his game very well and she placed a kiss on his cheek. "You will never again use our stove for a thermo nuclear expiriement, unless you want to pay for us to remodel the kitchen again.. do you promise?" Violetta chastised softly as she ran her fingers along his pale cheek. "Because if you do, I will be forced to leave to visit my parents while the kitchen gets remodeled and you live off raman and pizza.." Violetta knew that would hit home. With Violetta gone, everything would fall apart.

Peace and Love, its the newest cause by far,
And we've got our biggest stars,
Get your politics up to par.
If you've got to believe in something,
Believe in us cause we'll make it easy.
If you've got to belong to something,
Belong to us cause we'll make you peasy.
If you've got to have faith in something,
Have faith in us, it can be so easy..

"No!" Setzer switched the embrace until he was clinging to Violetta. "Don't leave!" Setzer said plaintively.

"Because you can't cook, you seldom care to clean and you don't pick up after yourself. You don't need a wife, you need a mother." Violetta said with a wry tilt of her lips.

"My mother be scary!" Setzer said with a soft little whimper that he only used when around his wife. As much as the gambler didn't want to admit it, (And around their friends Locke, Celes and Matthias.. he -wouldn't- admit it) he was whipped thouroughly and completely and would do -anything- to be with her... even do the laundry occasionally.

"Then maybe I will stay around a little while longer.. " Violetta said with a soft twinkle in her eyes


Peace and Love, Incorperated...

And so the couple left the rain for the warmth of the airship where they proceeded to act as if the last fight didn't exist and in reality it didn't. It had been an act of forgiveness that made it all right with the world. Setzer even helped with the dishes and Violetta tried to be tolerant of his various inventions littering the living room that were designed for BattleBots that he wanted to submit to the show, mainly a ploy to one-up Edgar..

That was until something broke the peaceful silence.


"Yes dear..." *gulp*

Welcome.. Welcome...
To Peace and Love, Incorperated....."

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