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~Part two of the Kuro and Nia show~

Deus Ex Mun: (Nooj: -_-() You just didn't -know- that was me stalking you.. remember when your study was raided during the two years we were apart. That was me.))
Deus Ex Mun: ((Nooj: -I- was the phantom stalker of Bevelle known for bothering the praetor))
SigurdxHyuga: (So how did you like the last stalker song?)
Deus Ex Mun: ((^^ Ooh.. I love it. *has it on repeat*))
SigurdxHyuga: (Baralai: *grrs and tries to smack at Nooj but is getting dragged off*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Nooj: HEY! At least I wasn't stalking someone else. I was stalking you.))
SigurdxHyuga: (Baralai: *knows* Well as long as you just stalk me.. -_- )
Deus Ex Mun: ((Nooj: *nods* ^^ Yup.. I'll be your stalker forever.))
Deus Ex Mun: ((*dies*))
Deus Ex Mun: ((Nooj: *makes a habit of taking Baralai's things*))
SigurdxHyuga: (*wonders if Nooj steals Baralai's underwear*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Nooj: *nods* Yup.))
SigurdxHyuga: (Damn Nooj why do you have to say this with a straight FACE!)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Nooj: *takes Baralai's underwear*))
SigurdxHyuga: (Now wear it Nooj!)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Nooj: -_-() Because... I am serious, If I grinned it'd make it look like I was joking. *snickers*))
Deus Ex Mun: ((Nooj: *wears Baralai's underware*))
SigurdxHyuga: (*dies*)
SigurdxHyuga: (*just looses it*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Nooj: *that are a bit smaller than his own... making them rather tight*))
SigurdxHyuga: (I always knew Nooj was a freak)
Deus Ex Mun: ((*dies*))
Deus Ex Mun: (Nooj: Hey! I am not a freak... Just obsessed.))
SigurdxHyuga: (*just falls in love with Nooj all over again*)
SigurdxHyuga: (Yes.. obsessed much)
SigurdxHyuga: (And Nooj would be such a GOOD stalker.. he looks imposing and intimidating)
Deus Ex Mun: ((XDD He would! I can just see him lurking outside bevelle!))
SigurdxHyuga: (Baralai: *shivers*)
SigurdxHyuga: (Hyuga:*feels neglected*)
SigurdxHyuga: (*meeps*)
SigurdxHyuga: (Sorry, Hyu.. forgot you were there. *pets him*)
SigurdxHyuga: (Hyuga: *Cries*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((**pets Hyu*))
Deus Ex Mun: ((KittySigurd: **wraps his tail around Hyu and nuzzles** Don't cry.))
Deus Ex Mun: Nooj: *not only lurks around Bevelle.. sneaks into Baralai's meetings too.*))
SigurdxHyuga: (This stalker conversation.. just so good.. *snickers*)
SigurdxHyuga: (Baralai: You snuck into a MEETING? *eyes pop out*)
Deus Ex Mun: (XDD I Know!))
Deus Ex Mun: ((Nooj: -Three- meetings to be exact. *nonchalant*))
SigurdxHyuga: (Baralai: You went to a meeting.. what exactly -did- you hear. *grows indignant*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Nooj: Well.. Unfortunately I didn't hear anything important. Just some old men giving you reports of "What that horrible Maevyn has been up to now". ))
SigurdxHyuga: (Baralai: Horrible Maevyn INDEED. *huffs*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Nooj: What? How can you say that when I was -risking my life- to be near you!?))
Deus Ex Mun: ((Nooj: I could've been slaughtered by the Bevelle guards were I caught.))
SigurdxHyuga: (Baralai: Yes risking your -life-.. Nooj.. there is a fine line between devotion and stupidity.. and while it could be considered romantic, it was also foolish for the fact that you could of gotten caught...)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Nooj: It was worth it just to see you, even for a little while.. That was my solace...))
SigurdxHyuga: (OMG MY EYES!)
Deus Ex Mun: ((What? *hugs you*))
SigurdxHyuga: (*just did that "What FF Woman are you" meme thing)
SigurdxHyuga: (And I GOT YUNA! *cires*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((dies* It's WRONG! It lies!))
SigurdxHyuga: (*subtracts a year from my age and changes my favorite color to -forest- green)
SigurdxHyuga: (I GOT PAINE!)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Haha! YAY!))
SigurdxHyuga: (Baralai: *comforts Nooj*)
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan: *sighs*)
Deus Ex Mun: (Nooj: *nuzzles*))
Deus Ex Mun: ((Stalker!Sig: *leers behind Citan*))
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan: *shuts door in Sigurd's face*)
SigurdxHyuga: (This is funny to see Citan run from Sigurd)
Deus Ex Mun: ((*snickers* ^^ It is!))
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan: -_- )
Deus Ex Mun: ((Stalker!Sig: *grins and uses tools to pick the lock and creeps after him*))
Deus Ex Mun: ((XDD Makes me think of fatal attraction.))
SigurdxHyuga: (Don't let Sigurd near an ice pick)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Sigurd: I won't be ignored, Citan.))
Deus Ex Mun received D:\My Music\Current\Darren Hayes - Creepin up on you.mp3.
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan: *tries to run from Sigurd*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((*snickers* XDD Seriously. *grins* YAY SONG!))
SigurdxHyuga: YAY SONG!)
Deus Ex Mun: (Stalker!Sig: *Best impression from the shining** Here's Siggy!))
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan: *cries*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Stalker!Sig: o.o; Ack.. sorry.))
Deus Ex Mun: ((*dies*))
Deus Ex Mun: ((You're supposed to -stalk- him, not SCARE him.))
SigurdxHyuga: (Yes Siggy.. -_- )
SigurdxHyuga: (That is minus 10 COOL PTS!)
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan: Make that 30..)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Sigurd: *sighs*))
SigurdxHyuga: (Be nice Citan!)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Sigurd: *sends like... oh say a good 50 apology letters*))
Deus Ex Mun: ((*dies*))
SigurdxHyuga: (Someone just has never told Sigurd that sometimes subtle is GOOD)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Not this incarnation at least.))
Deus Ex Mun: ((XDD And I love this song))
SigurdxHyuga: (*giggles* I know.. )
SigurdxHyuga: (I collect stalker songs!)
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan: *sends back the apology letters*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Sigurd: *gets outside Citan's apartment window and croons** When I was alone as one, my eyes were as blind I know.... Sky brilliant with blue elegance, I coudn't behold.))
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan: *peeks head out of the window and yawns* It is 3 am.. can we not do this -later-?)
Deus Ex Mun: ((XDD He's singing Lucia's song. *snerks at Sigurd*))
Deus Ex Mun: ((Sigurd: *looks up at him* Not until you let me come up there and see you.))
SigurdxHyuga: (How cute!)
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan: *yawns* Fine.. you can come up.. but I have work in the moment and I'll only sign -one- autograph..)
Deus Ex Mun: ((*gigglessnerks* it is!))
Deus Ex Mun: ((Sigurd: *grins and immediately heads up to Citan's apartment.*))
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan: *opens the door and yawns even more, does not look like how he is portrayed in the movies, especially with his mussed hair and slightly tired expression that make-up alleviates* There.. this is the real me.... now having seen that you can stop stalking me..)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Sigurd: *looks him over* I don't know.. I think I like you this way even better, you look cute. *puts himself -in- the doorway so Citan has to keep the door open.*))
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan: I need to sleep.. *yawns slightly and then leans agianst the doorframe* Why do you stalk me..)
SigurdxHyuga: (Because you have a nice ass, Citan)
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan: *didn't ask Nia*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Sigurd: Because my dear Citan Uzuki... or should I call you by your real name and not your screen name.. Mr. Hyuga Ricdeau, I do believe I am madly in love with you. *he smirks and then adds** And you have a nice ass. *he paused and then finally adds.* Oh? Can I join you? To sleep that is.))
Deus Ex Mun: ((*dies*))
SigurdxHyuga: (*snickers*)
SigurdxHyuga: (SIGGY!)
Deus Ex Mun: ((He is a cute stalker.))
SigurdxHyuga: (SIGGY!!!!!!!!)
SigurdxHyuga: (I know.. *snickers*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Sigurd: ^^ What? *grins*))
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan: But I do not sleep with strangers.. and stalkers.. do you -know- how many nights of sleeplessness I have been through because of you? *he demands and bites his lower lip* You -stole- my laundry hamper.. )
SigurdxHyuga: (*dies*(
Deus Ex Mun: ((LMAO!))
SigurdxHyuga: (*just dies*)
SigurdxHyuga: (Yes, his laundry hamper is SOOOO important)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Sigurd: Why yes... exactly.... one hundred and fourty two sleepless or near sleepless nights... *says quite proudly* Oh! So you remembered! *grins* Don't forget, I stole and ransomed it.))
Deus Ex Mun: ((SIG!))
SigurdxHyuga: (*dies*)
SigurdxHyuga: (He is so proud of that.. *dies*)(
Deus Ex Mun: (*snerks* I know.. that's pretty bad..))
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan: If I have not forgotten it yet so I doubt I shall forget it now.. *syas this dryly and is rather disturbed at Sigurd's knowledge of his personal life* Alright.. I suppose you know -every single detail- about me.. )
Deus Ex Mun: ((Sigurd: Hmm.. Probably the only think I don't know is the size of your cock, I've only heard rumors. *grins more*))
Deus Ex Mun: ((XDD))
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan: What rumors were those? *raises a brow*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Sigurd: Oh, just rumors from some people who -said- they saw you in your dressing room. I don't take rumors though since they're merely heresay.))
SigurdxHyuga: (*dies about the rumor comment*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((*snickers*))
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan: I am trying to figure out if I am relieved that you have not snuck into my dressing room.. or perhaps a bit frightened that you talk about rumors as if they are in the little leagues.)

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