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~Violate all the love that I'm missing~

A special edition of the Kuro and Nia show. *snarks*

SigurdxHyuga: (Oooh okay.. tonight will be Obsessive Stalker song)
SigurdxHyuga: (*wants to do an Obsessive Stalker RP*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((YAY! **does the stalker dance** *_* Mmmm... obsessive stalker Sigurd...))
SigurdxHyuga: (Yes Obsessive Stalker Sigurd.. *giggles*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Stalker!Sig: **lurks around the parkinglot where Hyuga's car always is**)
SigurdxHyuga: (Yes.. I need to send you stalker songs!)
SigurdxHyuga: (Because I have alot of them.. *sweatdrops*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((^^ Oooh.h.... Yes. *grins* Oh but stalker songs are good!!))
SigurdxHyuga: (Yes they are.. so are stalker RPs.. *giggles* Violence is fun!)
SigurdxHyuga: (Muses: *sweatdrops*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((*cackles* Violence -is- fun!))
Deus Ex Mun: (Sigurd: **crazy look in his eyes, evil laughter**))
SigurdxHyuga: And Hyuga's hardened flesh responded, arching against that kneading so cattish, and it caused him to lean back in Sigurd's arms, loilling his head back as he allowed his tongue to lightly bathe his own lips with pleasaure.. his dreams.. all of them were coming true so quickly that he didn't know how to react. All he could do was arch his hips as if that would be the answer to everything that his mind was questioning at this sweet moment.
SigurdxHyuga: (Hyuga: *worries*)
Deus Ex Mun: Sigurd purred deeply, nuzzling his lips lower until he could capture a ruby nipple between his lips and suckle against it, lathing it with his rough tongue. His fingers worked apart the clasps and then hands slid, bypassing green silk boxers to grasp that hard cock, lightly wet with precum.
SigurdxHyuga: (Hyuga: *rushes to his car because he fells like someone is stalking him*)
Deus Ex Mun received D:\My Music\80s\ABC - Poison Arrow.mp3.
SigurdxHyuga: (Next time on springer.. "WHEN FLIGHTMATES BECOME UNHINGED")
Deus Ex Mun: ((XDD LMAO!))
Deus Ex Mun: (Stalker!Sig: *hides behind a lamp post and eyes Hyuga and creeps after him*)
SigurdxHyuga: (Sigurd = Gollum..)
SigurdxHyuga: (Come on Sigurd.. say it, say "My Precioussssss..")
Deus Ex Mun: ((Stalker!Sigurd: *cackles* My preciousssssssssssss))
Deus Ex Mun: ((*DIES*))
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan is the One Ring)
SigurdxHyuga: (*dies*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((XDD omfg... *snerks*))
SigurdxHyuga: (*grins* We are going to have to check to see if he has anything written on his underside.. that whole One Ring to Rule them All)
Deus Ex Mun: (Stalker!Sig: *Wants the ONE RING** *echo effect here*))
SigurdxHyuga: (*dies*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((*turns Citan over* Let's find out!))
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan: No FLAMES!)
SigurdxHyuga: (Frodo can be ID and Sam can be Fei)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Stalker!Sig: **was about use flame ether**))
Deus Ex Mun: ((XDD))
SigurdxHyuga: (And ID wants to keep hold of the one ring.. but Sam is like "No Master Frodo.. dun do it!" And of course Gollum wants the One Ring the most.. and so it only stands to reason that he wouldn't mind getting destroyed in the Fires of Mt Doom)
SigurdxHyuga: (Because he's a fire element.. duh)
Deus Ex Mun: ((*snickers* Exactly!))
SigurdxHyuga: (And so in the end Gollum and the One Ring perish in the fires of Mt. Doom)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Sigurd: *bites Id's finger off to get the One Ring*))
Deus Ex Mun: ((*snickers* XDDD))
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan: *does not like my ass referred to as the One Ring*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((*snickers* Awww.. but its fun!))
Deus Ex Mun: ((ooh... And send some of those stalker songs you mentioned. *evul grin*))
SigurdxHyuga: (Emperor Cain can be Sauron)
Deus Ex Mun: ((*cackles highly amused*))
SigurdxHyuga wants to send file D:\My Music\Duran Duran\Duran Duran - Be My Icon.mp3.
SigurdxHyuga: (And it stands to reason that Sauron doesn't want to let his One Ring go)
SigurdxHyuga: (But Gollum wants it..)
SigurdxHyuga: (Wants his precioussssssss..)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Sigurd: We wants the precioussssss.....))
Deus Ex Mun: ((*dies giggling*))
SigurdxHyuga: (*gives Sigurd a cookie*)
SigurdxHyuga: The nipple was treated with the roughtened tongue and then lightly nipped.. he started to gasp out, his nipples extremely sensitive and the tongue combining to make it even more sensitive, his cock was hard and stiff, and more then a little moist with precum that was dribbling down slowly in his heigtened and aroused state "Mmmm oh.. that feels.. so good..." He hissed out
Deus Ex Mun: ((Sigurd: Does it give us food? **bites it and then chokes** We thinks it gfveses us food but NO! It tries to kill us!))
SigurdxHyuga: (*dies*)

SigurdxHyuga: (*has lost it*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((*cracks up*))
Deus Ex Mun: ((*just lost it completely*))
SigurdxHyuga: (Everyone wants the One Ring..)
SigurdxHyuga: (Nooj gets tobe the One Ring -NEXT- Week..)
SigurdxHyuga: (And Leblanc can have her turn at being Gollum)
SigurdxHyuga: (Gollum with pink hearts for eyes)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Nooj: O_O **wants to avoid gollum at all costs**))
SigurdxHyuga: (Barlaai is not crazy enough to be Gollum though)
Deus Ex Mun: ((*nods* True, true.))
SigurdxHyuga: (Gippal and Baralai can be Sam and Frodo)
SigurdxHyuga: (However Nooj perishes and then Gippal and Baralai returns to the shire in order to make mad smuttings before Baralai goes off to do it with Elrond -as- Seymour)
Deus Ex Mun: ((*DIES*))
SigurdxHyuga: (*snickers*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Nooj: O_o; Why is it -I- have to die with leblanc and Sigurd gets to die with Citan?))
Deus Ex Mun: ((Nooj: *thinks it an unfair deal*))
SigurdxHyuga: (Because Baralai is not as INSANE as Sigurd)
Deus Ex Mun: ((*snickers*))
SigurdxHyuga: (Unelss of course me make it Shyuin possed Baralai)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Nooj: -_-() That still doesn't make it -fair-.))
Deus Ex Mun: ((Life isn't fair Nooj.))
SigurdxHyuga: (I know Nooj.. *punts Nooj*)
SigurdxHyuga: (Get over yourself Noojie Woojie)
Deus Ex Mun: ((*snickers* Yes, because Shuyin is a crazy mofo))
Deus Ex Mun: ((Nooj: *takes another aspirin*))
SigurdxHyuga: (You know, Nooj is going to have a drug overdose.. -_- )
SigurdxHyuga: (He'll be like the next Kurt Cobain..)
SigurdxHyuga: (*dies*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Nooj: o.o; Wonderful..... EW! NO!))
SigurdxHyuga: (Well they sort of -look- alike..)
SigurdxHyuga: (*pats Nooj*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Nooj: Can't we just put Baralai in a wig? *dies*))
Deus Ex Mun: ((*snerks*))
SigurdxHyuga: (*snickers* Why do you want to do that to poor Baralai?)
Deus Ex Mun: Sigurd grasped that hot length, running his hands up and down it, his own fingers becoming coated in that sweet precum. Hyuga's own pleasure only urging him on as he suckled harder against those sweet nipples. He could feel his own arousal pressed against the amethyst silk of his own pants.
Deus Ex Mun: ((Nooj: Because.. I don't -want- leblanc on me.))
Deus Ex Mun: (Nooj: *clings to Baralai*))
SigurdxHyuga: (Baralai shouldn't be forced to wear a wig)
SigurdxHyuga: (Baralai: *is clung to*)
SigurdxHyuga: (Baralai: *is trying to figure out if Nooj's promiscious ways matter*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Nooj: *whimpers and looks at Baralai pleadingly*))
SigurdxHyuga: (*snickers*)
SigurdxHyuga: (What should we do, Kuro?)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Hm? About what, Nooj? *grins*))
Deus Ex Mun: ((*blinkie*))
SigurdxHyuga: (*yup*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((*snerks* Hmm.. I dunno. *falls over* *eyes him*))
Deus Ex Mun: ((*eyes him some more* He needs something embarassing done to him.))
SigurdxHyuga: Slowly Hyuga scooted up so that he could straddle Sigurd's waist, and thereby he was touching both their clothed arousals together, except Sigurd's hand was buried into his pants and stroking, he stifled a moan against that neck as his own fingers started to tweak and pinch those nipples firmly, and trying to guage if he was causing Sigurd pleasure.. wanting so desperately to make his pet pleased.. it was not just about his pleasure.. it never would be.. it would be about -both- of their pleasure
SigurdxHyuga: (I know he does..)
SigurdxHyuga: (Cheerleading outfit)
Deus Ex Mun: ((*snickers and sticks Nooj in a cheerleading outfit*))
Deus Ex Mun: (Nooj: **eyes himself** Like.. oh gods... this is so like not happening... What the hell? Why am I like, talking like this?!))
Deus Ex Mun: ((*snickers*))
SigurdxHyuga: (*dies* OMG NOOJ YOU TALK LIKE ME!)
SigurdxHyuga: (*points and laughs*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Nooj: -_- This is not like, funny any more.))
Deus Ex Mun received D:\My Music\Duran Duran\Duran Duran - Be My Icon.mp3.
Deus Ex Mun: ((YES IT IS!))
SigurdxHyuga: (LISTEN TO THE SONG)
SigurdxHyuga: (Tell me you cannot picture Sigurd stalking Hyuga)
Deus Ex Mun: ((^^ YAY! Song! **puts it on**))
SigurdxHyuga: (*pets NOoj* It is alright.. we'll just tell them you are from California)
SigurdxHyuga: (Baralai: *thinks Nooj looks adorable* *puts Nooj's hair up in pigtails*)
SigurdxHyuga: (Baralai: *or rather ponytails*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Nooj: *dies* But it's not like cute!))
Deus Ex Mun: ((Oooh.. that is a stalker Sigurd song!!))
SigurdxHyuga: (*grins* I know.. Iam thinking that Hyuga can be a celebrity.. *grins*)
SigurdxHyuga: (Perhaps an actor.. *hee's*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Ooh... *grins* ^^ Yes!))
SigurdxHyuga: (*sings* It makes so much sense, it's no coincidence.. it's you and I alone here.. and I need you.._)
SigurdxHyuga: (*dies*)
SigurdxHyuga: (Simon's voice in that song.. *just dies*)
SigurdxHyuga: (I love Simon's voice)
Deus Ex Mun: ((It is wonderful.. *drools*))
SigurdxHyuga: (I know.. especially when he makes those moaning sounds)

SigurdxHyuga: (*audiogasms*)
SigurdxHyuga: (*sings* I know this is real, believe it we belong together.. whatever happens you gonna be with me forever.. )
Deus Ex Mun: The fingers against his nipples and Hyuga straddling his waist brought a deep moan from his lips and his tail wrapped around Hyuga's back as he rocked his hips. "Mmmm... feels so good... Hyuga.." he murmured against Hyuga's chest, panting.
Deus Ex Mun: ((*audiogasms too*))
Deus Ex Mun: ((Stalker!Sig: *Idolizes Citan*))
SigurdxHyuga: (*giggles*)
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan: *sweatdrops and watches his dressing room get flooded with flowers and mail from his -stalker-*)
SigurdxHyuga wants to send file D:\My Music\Current\Garbage - #1 Crush .mp3.
Deus Ex Mun: ((Stalker!Sig: *Spends exactly 2.5 hours a day writing creepy stalky love letters*))
SigurdxHyuga: (*dies*)
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan: *spends approximately 2.5 minutes discarding said letters*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Stalker!Sig: *plots to write more letters and mass copy them*))
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan: *plots to hire some people to throw the letters away*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Stalker!Sig: **leaves messages on Citan's cellphone number that he -somehow- got**))
SigurdxHyuga: A soft trail of pleasure accompanied the tail as it stroked along Hyuga's back, leaving trails of heat and pureblooded desire in it's wake. He shifted so that he could support himself against Sigurd's chest, his lips moving to catch an earlobe and bath it into his wet warm mouth, wet saliva that clung just as surely as his semi-heavy panting, born of his own desire that the dream and spawned.
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan: *what type of messages?*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Stalker!Sigurd: *Starts listing mentally, creepy messages, love messages, sexual messages, poetry, songs.*))
Deus Ex Mun: ((8dies*))
SigurdxHyuga: (I bet you Sigurd is a sicko enough to masturbate and come into Citan's voice message box. *dies*)
SigurdxHyuga: (So that all Citan hears is pants annd breathing)
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan: X_x)
Deus Ex Mun: ((I bet you he is.))
Deus Ex Mun: ((XDD I had someone do that on -my- voicemail several years ago. *dies*))
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan: And this is my -flightmate-? A wierdo?)
SigurdxHyuga: (EWWWWWWW)
Deus Ex Mun: ((It was bad.. but worth a laugh.))
Deus Ex Mun: (Yup, that's your flightmate!))
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan: *deletes voice mail messages*)
Deus Ex Mun: He moaned and felt those warm lips wetly trailing over his ear and moans throatily. He nibbled along Hyuga's chest as he continued to rock his hips and then whispered, nuzzling against him. "Please... I want you to.. lay like you were in your dream... let me touch you like you dreamed about." he panted.
Deus Ex Mun: ((Stalker!Sig: *leaves messages on Citan's home phone answering machine too*))
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan: *changes his phone number*)
SigurdxHyuga: (*snarks*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Stalker!Sigurd: *pays off Hyuga's manager to get his new number and calls more*))
Deus Ex Mun: ((8dies*))
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan: *yanks phone out of the wall and throws it against the wall*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((*snickers* XDD))
Deus Ex Mun: ((I bet he'd even get a job at like, the chinese dilvery place Citan orders from and shows up like that, leaving notes in his food. *dies more*))
SigurdxHyuga: (I bet you he does too! *grins*)
SigurdxHyuga: (Man.. what will it take for Sigurd to stop? *snickers8)
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan: Nothing evidentally.. -_- )
Deus Ex Mun: ((Stalker!Sig: ^^ Nothing.))
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan: *never thought he'd be avoiding a flightmate*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Stalker!Sig: *thinks Citan can't avoid him forever*))
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan: *can try*)
SigurdxHyuga: (*is ashamed at Citan for avoiding his flightmate*)
SigurdxHyuga: (Don't forget the breaking into the house in order to smell Citan's underwear.. and then steal it)
Deus Ex Mun: (Yes, even if he -is- crazy you could give him a chance.)
Deus Ex Mun: ((XDD YES!))
Deus Ex Mun: ((And use Citan's toothbrush))
SigurdxHyuga: (Not the washed ones of course.. the ones that Citan has worn and had lying in the hamper!)
Deus Ex Mun received D:\My Music\Current\Garbage - #1 Crush .mp3.
SigurdxHyuga: (YAY STALKER SONG)
Deus Ex Mun: ((YAY Song!))
SigurdxHyuga: (*has another stalker song after this one*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Stalker!Sig: *steals not only the dirty underware but the whole dirty hamper*))
SigurdxHyuga: (*dies*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((*snickers*))
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan go and play nice with Stalker Sigurd!)
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan: *makes a face*)
Deus Ex Mun: (Stalker!Sig: *leaves ransom notes for said hamper written in cut out magazine letters*))
Deus Ex Mun: ((*dies* You can't hold a -hamper- ransom))
SigurdxHyuga: (*dies*)
Deus Ex Mun: (StalkerSig: Who said?
SigurdxHyuga: (No Sigurd! You can't!)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Stalker!Sig: *leaves note reading, "Meet me on the pier at midnight or the hamper sleeps with the fishes"*))
Deus Ex Mun: ((Stalker!Sig: *dresses up like a little Kid* There! ^^))
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan: *goes to the pier because you know his hamper is worth SOMUCHEMOTIONALVALUE to him*)
SigurdxHyuga: (That's sick Sigurd.. Citan doesn't do Shota..)
Deus Ex Mun: ((*snickers*))
Deus Ex Mun: ((XDD Citan can't live without his beloved hamper*))
SigurdxHyuga: (Yes, because heaven forbid he should just toss his clothes on the floor or OMFG buy a NEW one!)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Sigurd: *changes out of kid clothes* It wasn't me who said he was for kids.))
Deus Ex Mun: ((*snickers*))
Deus Ex Mun: ((*thinks Sigurd should get better threats*))
SigurdxHyuga: (Chaos is not really shota.. remember this.. he is really a manly man.. he just doesn't show it to the OTHER party members.. only Jin)
SigurdxHyuga: (Sigurd needs to go to the big leagues.. take some tips from Nooj)
SigurdxHyuga: (Because you know Nooj would be a damn fine stalker)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Chaos: Exactly. *grins and sneaks into Jin's C-box and then transforms*))
Deus Ex Mun: ((Nooj: *could stalk with the best of them*))
SigurdxHyuga: (Baralai: *flutters lashes*)
SigurdxHyuga: (Jin: *drags Manly!Chaos for some luvins*)
SigurdxHyuga: (I mean first of all Nooj has the deathseeker persona..)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Nooj: -If- you are going to threaten them you must threaten something equally important to them. *threatens.. um.. a fluffy kitten with ransomnotes**))
Deus Ex Mun: (Nooj: Threats to kill oneself, even better.))
SigurdxHyuga: (And we all know that angsty depressed nothing to love for Cs are more inclined to stalk them other Cs)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Nooj: Because then they feel your life is on their hands.))
Deus Ex Mun: ((XDD Yup!))
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan: *eyes Nooj*)
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan: Why are you encouraging him..)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Nooj: What? Just giving pointers. *whistles and drags Baralai away*))
Deus Ex Mun: ((Stalker!Sig: *has been taking notes*))
SigurdxHyuga: (Citan: *sighs*)
SigurdxHyuga: (Baralai: *waves bai bai*)
SigurdxHyuga: (Baralai: *has not been stalked by Nooj yet* *wonders HOW Nooj got so good at stalking* *twitches*)
Deus Ex Mun: (Nooj: -_-() You just didn't -know- that was me stalking you.. remember when your study was raided during the two years we were apart. That was me.))
Deus Ex Mun: ((Nooj: -I- was the phantom stalker of Bevelle known for bothering the praetor))
SigurdxHyuga: (Baralai: *grrs and tries to smack at Nooj but is getting dragged off*)

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