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~Kissing you one more time before you walk out that door~

So now we have found the controllers, which mean I can become the DDR whore that I was always meant to become. I might do that tomorrow. Do some funky dancing and dance to the rythem. I can put it out in the living room now because there currently is not any games that I want to beat enough to keep the PSXII in the computer room.

I showed kurohyou pictures of my kitties and all was well and good as well as doing some undercover work at Ethereal Realms and trying to see if I can prove said rumor gotten from marifishie as being true. So far I am not seeing it at all.. but I guess I need to delve deeper. I cannot let -go- of something which can be a -very- bad thing. Once again tack it up to my overactive imagination.

I would tell exactly the situation however well.. if a certain person on my friends-list were to find out, she'd be even more antsy then I.. and I just don't feel like revealing such information for the peace of mind for -all- parties involved.

Nothing too crazy to speak of. Been happier emotionally this past week then I have for a -long- time and it is all thanks to a certain someone who knows who they are. ^_^

"If a promise ain't enough..
Hold on to my love.."

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