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Well tonight was alright, I had quite a time. I was the only assistant working Starsky and Hutch and it was a crowded sunday. I was surprised because sundays are usually not that crowded at all. But everything got done. Nothing real funny happened at work though usually something funny -does- happen. The crew at the movie theater is a real hilarious bunch. There is Teri.. who is the comic relief.. her humor is more silly stuff.. then there is me with my smart-alec wit.. and then there is the trendy teenbopper, Jill.

And I think I have been hanging around with Alexi too much when I find myself oogling 16 year old girls. However in -my- defense, I only oogle the girls that look like my -type-. As for type I can't define.. usually they have beautiful smiles and vibrant eyes.. and are usually wearing something not slutty but rather striking.

But the smile.. the smile is the surest way to get to me. I am a sucker for beautiful smiles.. and eyes that light up to match.

I came home and Kuro was online which is -always- a good thing in my book.

Which reminds me. Kuro has been inducted to my Hall of Soulmates.

She is now up there with Jesse, charmed_angel and my grandmother. (Peek into Viv's LJ.. you will notice comments from me dating a year back. *just shakes head* Just as crazy -then- too...)

Once I tell Jesse about the newcomer, I -know- he is going to pester you for your AIM..

Jesse and I are still trying to figure out who the -good- twin is.. it clearly is not him or I.. and it isn't Kuro.. and Viv.. well Viv has her evil moments albeit they are very candy coated and uber cute and utterly lovable and adorable.

And for references sake, Viv is the -only- person alive that I will consider doing het with and not think -twice- about. Mainly because her female characters.. oh damn.. I tell you her female characters make me wish that she liked -yuri- *heh's*

Alright, I think I have done my rambling for the night.

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