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2. What is your favorite childhood toy? I concocted huge dramatic plotlines and storylines for my Barbies that went in circles with seemingly no end. Over the years I replaced barbies with muses.. since muses seem a bit more.. bendable.

3. Which Rainbow Brite character do you identify with more than any other? I didn't really watch Rainbow Brite, but I did identify with the uber intelligent one though I forget what color she was, X_x... she might of been green. I don't know, I can never remember

4. What's your favorite childhood book/story? The Oz Books, Oz always fascinated me and I loved the maps that came in the books.. those were fun. ^_^ That way I could trace their adventures as I read.

5. If you could be a song, which song would you be? "Ordinary World" by Duran Duran

6. What colour would you dye your eyes if you could? I like green now though I never used to.

7. What would you change your name to, if you could?. The more appropriate question would be... if I could change my gender, -what- I would change it to..
8. Share your dream...What you would like to do if you had the means/time/money...etc: Or perhaps the inclination, and that would be to novelize some of my RPs... most certainly Sylvia

9. Do you have any pets? If so, what are their names? Eight cats, Shaoran, Violetta, Kero, Mei-lin, Laguna, Shadow, Hyuga and Kau.

10. What colour hair do you really wish you had? I don't know.. *considers*

11. Current favorite video game? Xenogears. *innocent*

12. favorite video game before that? Ummmmmmmm....well that will be ChronoTrigger.. but that was so long ago.. four years to be exact. After Xenogears, everything sort of lost it's.. glamour.

13. In your spare time you like to? RP, download music, read and do some sort of writing.

14. Do you have a best friend? If so, who is she/he? I have three.. they know who they are. ^_~

15. In Gone With The Wind what character do you identify with? Ashley because he was so damn noble. I identify with him, I also think he is the pattern-card of a virgo male.. that's just me.

16. What is one of your favorite communities on livejournal? advent, [Unknown LJ tag], [Unknown LJ tag] and yaoi. Fun for all

17. Gimme a link! Any link!: The DreamNest

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