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Okay, here's the deal for this Meme superelectra started. I add one legend, and you leave a legend. Then take this meme and the legends currently on it to your lj and ask for more legends. How many Urban Legends can we create on LJ? Be creative, they can even be about LJ or something in irl. So without further explaination I will be the third to create an Urban Legend.

First legend by: superelectra
1. The Ghost of LJ: About four years ago there was an LJ user who inexplicably disappeared and his online friends could never locate him. Finally one of his friends from IRL let them know that he had died in front of the computer while trying to post to his friends on LJ. And every once in a while his post will randomly appear on people's journals because he's still trying to post a short note to say hi to his friends. So if an odd post appears and/or disappears, it may be the LJ Boi!

Second legend by: jyuufish
2. Muses all around the world were disappearing only to appear chained up in Nia and Kuro's basement where they got their belly buttons pierced, were forced to wear glasses and had two of their limbs replaced by Machina.

Third legend by: kurohyou
3. Many people eat churros but very few know what actually goes into making churros, and few ever will. Churros are truly made out of ground Heckran Bones. Heckrans, being small creatures that live in the rainforests of South America and Brazil. Looking something like a cross between a small dog and a pig, they are caught by natives so that their bones can be ground to make churros out of.. So next time you're eating a churro, you're also devouring the bones of a heckran.

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