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~Since Citan has been punished~

And because as much as I adore Sigurd, he is not my beloved Good Doctor. So everyone knows the drill. Those who are new know that I have a unique way of picking out the next user picture is going to be my default. It basically stems down to what comes up next on my playlist songwise and then I pick a picture that I think conveys the feeling of that song. And then that becomes my default until of course I get bored with it and switch it out.

My favorite title for it is Guilt by Association

Now, the next song is.. *drumrolls*

"Turn Back Time" by Aqua.

That song conveys deep emotion, perhaps looking back upon something and wanting to change it.

I am choosing "Young Hyu Serious". Because a 17 year old introspective Citan is -always- fun. ^_^
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