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~My little china girl, you shouldn't mess with me~

Fun is the local feed store. We went there to get trellis for our garden and I stood there for a while poking with a mister tube at the barrel of pigs ears and going -ewwww-

Granted I can -see- the fact that they were once connected to pigs and when I think pigs, I think of cute little gay piglet.

All the while my Citan muse is wondering -how- he got stuck in my mind in the first place.

Then we went to the nursery where I stood there bundled in a hoodie while Alexi was ooh'ing and ahh'ing over plants. I do not have a green thumb so all I can do is stand around and say that it looks nice because I draw blanks all over the place.. then we cruised back home listening to "Stars" by Lacuna Coil and with me singing at the top of my lungs.

Once again Citan wondering exactly -how- he got into my mind.

He can be a real killjoy sometimes. -_-

I need soda.. and I need to stop listening to Ultimecia's Castle music because it could fuck with me in the long run

And I am thinking of changing my icon once again.. when I do, Citan will be fully forgiven for that pancake batter mental image.

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