Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Meme gacked from miang

Load Up a Random Playlist of 10 Songs. In Order, List Your Song Titles As Your Answers To This:


When Your Friends Think Of You, They Think Of This Song: Radiophonic
How You Feel About Your Family: The Odyssey (strangely fitting)
How You Feel About Work: Wish
Your Life's Philosophy: Moving on Without You (Oh dear.. another fitting one)
How You Feel About Love: It's a Miracle
Where You See Yourself In 20 Years: Eyes on Me
Your Life Will Be Described In Your Obituary As: Angelic Creation: Namely Light (*cracks up*)
How You Feel About Sex: Lively Motion (*just dies*)
How You Feel About Politics: I Am You
Your Last Words Will Be: So Long Suicide (*coughs*)

That is teh instance of my Psychic playlist skills
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