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~Geisha dreams aren't meant to be~

001: Name: That would be Nia Westphal, however I go just as Nia
002. Spell your name backwards: Ain Lahptsew.. OMG I got a character name! *snickers* New muse alert. (muses: *groans*)
003. Date of birth?: September 9th, 1979. Yes, I am the old woman, sometimes I act like it, other times I don't. My age fluctuates along with my maturity level.
004. Male or female? You know, that does not matter so I am going to pass over this question for the next one.
005. Astrological sign: Virgo.. do I act like it. Of course!
006. Nicknames: Nia, Hyu, BondageSeraph, OneWingedHyu, Schalalalalalith (way back when) Angel Nia, Seraph Nia, (can you tell I am an angel freak?), Wing-chan.
007. Occupation?: I work at a movie theater.. real fun job too. (I'm serious), I love interacting with people.. though I am one of those anti-social/social types. I'll go through long periods of not liking people.. but if I have to give customer service and serve them (virgo nature) then I adore them.
008. Height: 5 ft 6 inches.
009. Weight: 155.. I don't care if any of you know. *snerks*
010. Hair colour: Black.. I need to retouch on the roots though. Natural hair color is chameleon.. meaning that I have strands of all sorts of colors in my hair.
011. Eye colour: Midori green.
012. Where were you born? Loma Linda Medical University in San Bernadino California.
013. Where do you reside now? Mountain Home, Idaho
014. Age: 24 years old.. in September I am going to be.. gasp 25.. five years til 30.. OMG.. do I really seem that old?
015. Screen names: BondageSeraph. OneWingedHyu, SigurdxHyuga, Kahr is Trash. Those are strictly AIM though. *yaryaryar*
016. E-mail addy: onewingedhyu@yahoo.com and thewitchesthree@hotmail.com (don't use thewitchesthree, I never do anymore)
017. What does your screen name stand for? Well BondageSeraph is exactly how it sounds, an angel in chains. SigurdxHyuga is my favorite pairing.. Sigurd Harcourt and Hyuga Ricdeau from Xenogears. (a thing that has made my renown) and then OneWingedHyu comes from the Xenogears little in game legend. Man and woman (or man and man or woman and woman) were born with one wing.. and they could not fly without their -other- wing. I am still searching for the one who will complete me.. if that sounds romantic or not.
018. How many pets do you own?: 8 cats, Shaoran, Mei-lin, Kero, Violetta, Hyuga, Laguna, Kiros & Kau. We love cats.
019: Do you bite your nails?: I do.. but I don't even realize that I do it.
020: Can you roll your tongue?: This is were I make a blatantly sexual joke about how good that feels.
021. Number of candles you blew out on your last birthday cake? Hmmmmm... I didn't have cake, I had green tea ice cream.
022. Piercings? Ears, that was when I was 3 and had no choice in the matter.
023. Tattoo's? No, though I have a henna kit.
024. Shoe size: 8 1/2 *mentions that Foxy has fairy feet*
025. Righty or lefty? Right handed
026. Wearing: Green t-shirt and blue jeans. I am deviating from my usual -black- t-shirt
027. Hearing: "Blue Moon" by Bad Boys Blue
028. Feeling: Just eh.
029. Eating/drinking: Ritz crackers and coke

030. Favourite anime?- Getbackers, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Fushigi Yuugi, Chobits, Xenogears, Final Fantasy series, Suikoden series. (I am including video games in this so deal)
031. Manga?- Fake, Utena, Mars, Pet Shop of Horrors
032. Manga artist?- Chiho Saito.. it appeases my lesbian self as well as the gay man that lives inside of me. I really am a fucked up individual.
033. Miyazaki Movie?- Spirited Away
034. Anime female character?- Chii, Utena Tenjou, Juri Asurigawa, Rydia of Mist, Paine, Freja.. I have a weakness for -strong- women.
035. Male character?- (fear my stalk list) Citan Uzuki, Magus Zeal, Laguna Loire, Hotohori, Akabane Kuredo, Kazuki Fuichoin, Touga Kiryuu, Mikage (from Utena), Baralai, Nooj, Sigurd Harcourt, Krelian, Essential if the guy is smart, has glasses and speaks properly, I'll probably like him.. villians yes, so do I like white haired guys.. and then impossibly goofy guys. I'm twisted.
036. Anime mascot?- The cats from Sailor Moon.. I adored them..
037. Anime movie?- Adolescence of Utena.
038. Voice actor/actress?- Crispin Freeman.. THE VOICE ACTOR FOR TOUGA -AND- JIN! *just dies*
039. Online comic?- 8-bit theater. *heh's*
040 Anime bad-guy?- Krelian...
041. Anime hero/heroine?- Utena
042. CLAMP anime/manga?- Card Captor Sakura -or- RG Veda. (wow, reaching out for an archaic one with the RG Veda thing)
043. Magical girl?- I have a weakness for Michiru Kaioh and Ami Mizuno from Sailor Moon. I think it is because I identify with them. I think it is also because I like water.
044. Shoujo series?- Card Captor Sakura
045. Shonen series- Getbackers

Other stuff:
046. Are you part of an anime club?- Nah..
047. Do you like to take anime quizzes (lol like on quizilla?)- I take them, I just rarely post the results unless the description is long.
048. Do you post them all in your livejournal and annoy your friends?- Waste of journal time that I could use posting my other inane ramblings.
049. Do you have an anime website?- One day I shall have a shrine to Citan Uzuki.. -_-
050. If so what's the address?- I dun have one..

How Many...?
051. Cons you've been to?- I so want to go to a con.. thinking about going to Otakon. If I do, I will write my lj user name on my nametag so you can spot me and go "OMG THERE IS THE FREAK THAT IS OBSESSED WITH CITAN"
052. Times cosplayed?- Citan Uzuki cosplay will be mine. I just need a Sigurd to do yaoi-stuff with,
053. Manga series do you own?- Fake and Utena are the only ones I am keeping up with.
054. Anime series?- I don't know, haven't kept count.
055. Anime plushies do you own?- *wants a Citan UFO doll*
056. Art books do you own?- Man this is just a list of my 'wants'
057. Hours do you spend watching anime a day?- Unless I am very bored I do not watch anime. My fandoms are maintained online. One thing is that I am much more obsessed with video game fandoms then I am with anime fandoms
058. Do you Role Play?- Oh gods, that is a silly question.
058. Friends have you lost due to your anime obsession?- Oh gods! *lmao*
059. How many have you gained?- Many many

--Guys/Love/Kissing/And Other Stuff--
061. Have you ever been in love? Many times.
062. How many people have you said I love you to and meant it? 3
063. How many people have you been in love with? Truly? That seem worth it? They all seem worth it at the time.
064. How many people have you kissed? In that way? 4.. my kisses are not given out freely
065. Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex? One...
066. How many people have you dated? Around eight.
067. What do you look for in a guy/girl? Someone who completes me.. who is my other half. I want perfection I suppose... I want a soulbond. Sometimes I wonder if that is too much to ask.
068. What's the first thing you notice about someone? Their smile.. smiles get me.. every time.
069. What type of guy/girl do you usually go for? I like the spontaneous enthusiastic ones.. the ones who are everything personality wise that I am not. Warm, affectionate, passionate.. I dig passion. It's attractive and I admire strength.. being able to put up with me is a good thing.
070. Do you have a bf/gf? I have several.. but only one that makes me feel -completely- at ease.
071. If so where did you meet them? Blurty, Livejournal.. *heh's*
072. What do you like most about your bf/gf? I wonder if she even knows that I am talking about her. Well I suppose it is her enthusiasm.. her warmth, her fire.
073. Do you have a crush right now? HAHAHAHAH*toquotefauxfaia*ASFGHJKSHAJAAHA
074. If so who is it? All my crushes should know who they are by now because I have told them.
075. Do you believe in love at first sight? It doesn't exist for me.. I have to get to know the people that I love.
076. Do you remember your first love? Yes I do.. Donald Giovanni. He was a loon though, and I never have had bad feelings about the breakup with him.
077. Who is the first person you kissed? Dean Anders.. and the 15 second kiss.. I cannot believe I -counted-. There's my logical mind kicking in.. even at 14 years old.
078. Do you believe in fate? Definitely
079. Do you believe in soul mates? Considering I have a soul brother and a soul sister.. People that are soulmates I peg when they can -read- my mind... they finish my sentances before I even start them. Kuro is a soulmate.. I am trying to figure out where to peg her though. *heh's*
080. If so do you believe you'll ever find yours? I have found three of my soulmates.

--Sex Stuff--
081. Are you a virgin? The fun stuff! Anyways, no I am not a virgin.
082. If not when/at what age did you lose your virginity? 21 years old. I can remember the date too.
083. Who did you lose it to? Alexi.
086. Ever used food during sex? Why am I suddenly ashamed to -not- be a virgin OMG. *snickers*
087. Would you ever videotape a sex session? I would rather write a script and we play it out.. no cameras involved.
088. Favourite sexual position? This is where Nia gets incredibly kinky. Hands and knees. *heh's*
089. Number of sex partners you've had? One.
090. Ever sleep with someone you don't know? I do not believe in one nighth stands, I think that is because I can't sleep with anyone that I do not love.
091. Name a sexual fantasy you have actually acted out: Yaoi boy.. *heh's* Yup.. really got that fantasy acted out.. it was pretty nice.
092. Do you talk dirty during or before sex? Of course. *heh's*
093. Do you like to be spanked? Foxy's answers are turning me on just to let everyone know.. but yes I like being spanked.. I also like doing the spanking.
094. Are you a tease? Does Sigurd ever call Citan a tease? *snerks* Yes he does..
095. Are you kinky? I think I am sufficiently so.
096. Do you like bondage? Yes I do.. I usually like to be tied up and dominated.. big turn on for me.
097. Do you go down? Yes though with Alexi it was predominately me pretending I was Citan.. my technique got -really- good because of that.
098. Ever have sex with your best friend? Almost way back when I was 15 years old.. then my at the time super religious ideals kicked in. *blahs*
099. Ever have unprotected sex? Never...
100. Ever had an STD? Hell no..
101. If you could have sex with any celebrity, who would it be? Currently it is the girl from the disney movie "Freaky Friday".. I find her incredibly hot.
102. Straight/gay/bi?: I used to be bisexual.. until I figured out I was full blooded lesbian.
103. Want to be?: Happy with who I am

--Family Stuff--
104. How many siblings do you have? Don't ask.. it's a complicated story/
105. What are your parents names? Mother: Sana, Father: Dwain
106. What are your siblings names? We could be here forever.
107. How many siblings does your mother have? One.
108. How many siblings does your father have? 3 brothers and a sister
109. Where are your parents from? Victorville California
110. Is your family close? We are the stuff that V.C Andrews writes -books- about.
111. Does your family get together for holidays? Family argues -all- the time.,, about -everything-
112. Do you have a drunk uncle? No, I don't.
113. Any medical problems run through your family? Ulcers.. considering the source though it makes sense..
114. Does someone in your family wear a toupee? No. *just laughs*
115. Do you have any nieces or nephews? Yes, a few.. three of them. Don't know if my sister trish ever got married
116. Are your parents divorced? My father has been married 6 times.
117. Do you have step parents? Yaryaryaryar
118. Has your family ever disowned another member of your family? Oh yes.. I've been disowned by my father.. ummm.. let's see.. my mother was disowned because she married my father.. *thinks* Uncle Joel was not disowned but he was scorned beccause of his gayness. Lovely family, the Warren's are.
120. Did some of your family come to America from another country? *hmmm's* I dunno

--Music Stuff--
121. What song do you swear was written about you or your life? "Ordinary World" by Duran Duran, "Walking on the Milky Way" by OMD, "Japanese Girl" by Fancy, and "Gravity of Love" by Enigma
122. What's the most embarrassing cd you own? Spice Girls
123. What's the best cd you own? "So Red the Rose" by Arcadia, "The Wedding Album" by Duran Duran, "Liberty" by Duran Duran, "A Brand New Day" by Sting.
124. What song do you absolutely hate? I do not have songs I hate.. just songs I do not care for
125. Do you sing in the shower? Yes I do.. I am a virtual nightengale.
126. What song reminds you of that special someone? *grins*
127. Have you been to any concerts? Duran Duran when I was five. *heh's*
128. Top five favourite bands?: Duran Duran, Sting, Depeche Mode, Fancy, New Order, E-Type
129. What is your favourite song of all time?: "Ordinary World" by Duran Duran
130. Last song you listened to?: "Jumping like a Monkey" by Breathe

131. Your living arrangement?: I live with Alexi.
132. Best personality trait?: I don't know.. *considers* I will pass on this.
133. Anything unique about yourself?: I am insane. *snickers*
134. Hobbies?: Role-playing, reading, writing, shocking friends with what I say, seducing pretty girls.
135. What do you look for in a friend?: Loyalty, shared interests, empathy, humor and ability to tolerate my fangirlishness.
136. Is there anything outrageous you have done?: I went riding naked on a bicycle when I was thirteen as a dare by my best friend at the time Lisa. Though I lived out in the middle of nowhere so it really was not major
137. What animal would you be and why?: Cat, because it must be fun to lie all over my kitchen table.
138. What is your plans for the future?: My plans are on hold right now..
140. How do you feel about homosexual relationships?: I had -better- like them
141. If you were stranded on a desert island what three things would you bring and why? Kuro, Computer, Muses:
142. Obsessions?: Xenogears, Citan Uzuki, Kuro, Yaoi, Smut, Yaoi Smut, Muse Rape, Giving Fellatio to Breadsticks.. hmmmmmm...
143. Do you speak another language?: I was not paying attention in spanish class unfortunately
144. Have a favourite quote?: Citan's "Music is a mysterious thing" quote.
145 Do you have a webpage?: Right now it is only my LJ

--DO YOU--
145. Read the newspaper?: No
146. Pray?: To the goddess, yes
147. Go to church?: No
148. Talk to strangers who IM you?: I try to avoid it.
149. Take walks in the rain?: I heart the rain.
150. Talk to people even though you hate them?: I try to be polite to everyone.
152. Drive?: Oh yes, every night.. oh wait you are not talking about -DRIVE-, my bad. *heh's*

152. Colour: Green, Purple and Silver.
153. Food: Breaded Okra with thousand island dressing
154. Song: Silly people, we know this
155. Show: Will & Grace
156. School subject: History
157. Band/singer: Duran Duran
158. Animal: Cats.. I think I like goats too.
159. Outfit: T-shirt and blue jeans.
160. Mode of transportation?: Car
161. Movie: "The Crow", "Chamber of Secrets", "In & Out", "Baseketball"
162. Pair of shoes: Combat boots
163. Cartoon: Powerpuff Girls
164. Actor: Raph Fiennes
165. Actress: Kate Hudson.. she is sooo cute
166. Potato chip: I don't eat potato chips as a rule
167. Drink: Coke
168. Alcoholic drink: Sake!
169. Holiday: Yule
170. Perfume/cologne: Green tea.
171. Pizza topping: Sausage and Pepperoni.
172. Jello flavour: I dig cherries. (I know what you were thinking, sickos!)
173. Lunch meat: Mmmmm Soylent...
174. Board game: Careers. It appeals to my Virgoan ambition.
175. Video game: XENOGEARS!!!!! *coughs* followed by Chrono Trigger, FFX-2, and FF6
176. Website: Dreamnest! *hee's*
177. Book: Ann Rice, V.C Andrews, Regency Romances of any type
178. Computer game: Don't play them
179. Number: 9
180. Cereal: Lucky Charms
181: Comedian: Chris Katan
182. Dessert: Make me strawberry shortcake and I will be your lover for life.
183. Disney character: I identify with Belle
184. Clothing store: Yay Wal-Mart and their aisle upon aisle of jeans and black t-shirts!
185. Pastime: RPing
186. Teacher: High school english teacher, Mrs. Howard
187. Childhood toy: My Lady Lovelylocks doll
188. Carnival game/ride: Rollar coasters.. I love them
189. Candy: Hershey's Special Dark
190. Magazine: Playstation Monthly
191. Salad dressing: Thousand Island
192. Thing to do on the weekend: Mmmmmmmm strip naked and.. oh wait NM!
193. Hot drink: Sake
194. Season: Autumn..
195. Sport to watch: Men's figure skating
196. Person to talk to online: Kuro, Ashley, Michelle, Sora

--Your Bedroom/Sleeping Habits--
197. What colour are your sheets? Jade green
198. What colour are your bedroom walls? Cream!
199. Do you have posters on your wall? No, just walll scrolls
200. If so of what? Mostly Oh My Goddess because that is Alexi's obsession
201. Do you have a TV in your bedroom? No TVs in the bedroom, it ruins the harmony and balance of the room.
202. Howmany pillows are on your bed? four.. three regular pillows and one body pillow
203. What do you normally sleep in? Sweats and a T-shirt. I am simplistic.
204. Describe your favourite pair of pyjamas: Red japanned style
205. What size bed do you have? Queen.. definitely big enough for me.. I don't take up that much space on a bed
206. Do you have a waterbed/bunkbed/daybed? It is wrought-iron framed.
207. Do you have your own phone line in your bedroom? No phones, it ruins the harmony.. the bedroom is for strictly sleeping
208. Do you listen to music while trying to fall asleep? Nah, I probably would sleep better if I did though
209. Describe the last nightmare you had: I dreamt that I died..
210. Do you sleep with stuffed animals? No.. *mrrhs*
211. How many people can comfortably sleep in your bed? Three.. *hmm's* Never tried a third person though
212. Do you sleep in any unusual positions? I sleep with one leg on the bed, the other leg off of it..
213. Do you have to share your bedroom with a sibling? Nah, never had to..
214. Do you snore? No, but I whimper in my sleep.
215. How about drool? *snerks*
216. Do you have an alarm clock in your room? Yes, I do.
217. What colour is the carpet in your room? Beige Shag
218. What's under your bed? Absolutely nothing!

219. First bike: An ugly pink color.. with streamers and everything
220. First best friend(s): Lisa McCollumn
221. First real memory of something: I have no memories before the car wreck that I was in when I was three years old. And then I remember my Uncle Loyal and Uncle Glenn taking us to McDonald's to get something to eat.
223. First screen name: Nia Kitty. *snerks*
224. First funeral: My great grandmother's.. and I was three years old
225. First pet: A Chihauhau named Peanut
226. First piercing/tattoo: See waaaaaay back previously
227. First love: Drama
228. First enemy: Bert Ford.. we really had it in for each other
229. First big trip: Austrailia.. oh so much fun
230. First play/musical/performance: I was Mary in a Nativity play
231. First musician you remember hearing in your house: "For the Longest TIme" by Billy Joel

232. Believe in life on other planets?: Of course
233. Miracles?: I believe in miracles.. they just don't happen to me
234. Astrology?: Yes I do.. just not the sunday morning newspaper variety
235. Magic?: Strongly
236. God? : Goddess
237. Satan?: I -am- satan. *leers at my muses*
238. Santa?: If I tell all the girls I am Santa, will it get them to sit on my lap? *heh's*
239. Ghosts?: I have a Sakura-like fear of them
240. Luck?: Yes I do
241. Love at first sight?: It exists, it is just impossible for me
242. Yin and Yang?: Yes I do..
243. Witches?: Yup
244. Easter bunny?: Bunnies are soooo kawaii
245. Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?. With the right one, yes
246. Believe there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?: I think it is fool's gold.. it's fun trying to search for it though
247. Do you wish on stars?: When I remember to.

--LOVE, and all that--
248. Did you get frightened or uncomfortable seeing that as a section title?: Not really. love is a natural part of life.
249. Do you remember your first love?: Yes, and fondly too.
250. Still love him/her?: I have grown past him I think.. that was a guy I loved when I was fourteen.. people change and evolve.. constantly

And OMG you are going to have to stay tuned for the next part.. *grins* Hold on to your panties. *snerks*

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