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~Love in Japan~

When I am not in a relationship or in love, I am usually very cynical about relationships..

However the moment that cupid's arrow hits I turn into the veriest sapskull. I start believing the songs that the radios say, the lovey dovey songs.. I start asking like a goon and I turn into the very thing that I lament when I am -not- in love. That is just a random thought as I was thinking.

All of Fancy's songs start making sense.

And to quote Xellos from Slayers..

"Now that's a secret.."

And now I cannot go on to the next song because "Love in Japan" by Fancy came on and I love this song.

"Love in japan
I need a love so pure and sweet
The way it used to be
I'm a dreamer.. and dreams will never die"

That is an example of the romantic prattle that I will submit myself to.
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