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~Random ramblings~

I think that if my AIM conversations are a sign of where I am going if indeed a christian hell -does- exist (which I doubt)... then well I'm in SOOOOO much trouble. Perhaps I can get the incubii to do yaoi stuff for me. *snerks* And in turn Kuro, Ashley and I will do lesbian stuff for the succubii.. it all works out. ^_~

I should do that cell phone meme.. but I'm lazy. That and I don't want to do it with husband around. -_-

"I'm like a cake, that wants to be baked"

That lyric has been stuck in my mind for a long time.. I wonder though.. if I were a cake, what would I be.. definitely a pinapple upside down cake. (which is my favorite cake along with yellow cake with dark chocolate frosting)

What kind of cake would -you- be?

Deep-thought question for the day.
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