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~Something yanked from queenofhearts~

Pick up to 20 people from your friends list, say something anonymous to them. Don't say who it is, and don't reveal them unless they guess.

1.) You are my only authorized stalker and with good reason. Every person needs a stalker and I don't even know how I came to add you, but I did.. and I thank you for making my life a little more stalked each day. (and only in a good way! *winks*)

2.) sam_chan: We met because I actually commented on something you wrote in another friend's journal, then I went and poked through your icons and just about died laughing. Leave it to my hurmor to find a friend. Oh yes, and we share h8 for a certain character.. can you guess who it is.. not going to tell because that would just give away who it is right off the bat. Always enjoy reading your posts because they are always humorous and amusing.

3.) marifishie: We have known each other the longest, way back before LJ even existed. Mainly because we both went to the same chat room. It is amusing how life takes us different ways. You have always been one of my favorite people despite the fact that yaoi just doesn't tickle your fancy. We've tried RPing but it is so hard to do.. and your website.. so awesome. I always enjoy reading through it.. and being honored at you including my little ramblings in it. You also gave me a few of the nicknames that I have.. can you guess what they are? *hee's*

4.) lylefujin: You are one of the males on my list that I respect and tolerate. And you were so awesome to allow me to use some of your webspace. We can talk about girls together which is a beautiful thing.. and your turtle.. so cute. There needs to be more disgruntled turtles in this world. BTW KOS-MOS ROCKS! GUNBUNNIES FOREVER!

5.) Our past is tumultuous for varied reasons. First we tried to get along, then we hated each other with a violent passion, then once situations went, so did we figure out that we were both shared a mutual hurt that was hard to let go of. I should of kept all the letters that you emailed me... only so that I could laugh over them and realize that I am now -friends- with this girl. Oh yes, I will never forget the boys bred for cum idea that you spouted off to me one night. *heh's*

6.) We share a brother.. a very close brother. He is a brother to you and a soul twin to me. We've been consistantly caught up in his welfare and you called me up on the phone to talk to me about some of his problems. We share a deep and abiding concern for him, and I suppose that makes us sisters... doesn't it.

7.) queenofhearts: We have RPed all of what.. like twice perhaps. Though I always enjoy talking to you and I enjoy your writing and your determination.. most especially when it comes to RPing, if only I had time to start so many RPs. We -still- need to play some more.. we always say we will but sometimes it just falls through. Perhaps one day.. anticipation will only make it better when we actually -do-. Oh yes, your AIM name amuses me. ^_^

8.) fauxfaia: And you, you.. oh dear gods, why do I shock you so much.. It seems like I have the ability to go "ASKGFDHJAJSJSHSHSHS" all the time whenever I speak.. be it all my ideas.. I think you may be the angel inside me that I am constantly shocking.. and oh how we met. I had commented in one of your friend's journal and then you were all like, "ADD ME ADD ME" and how could I resist.. so I did. And thereby you are one of my favorite people online. *lesbians* I'd ravish you in a -heartbeat-.

9.) kurohyou: Nine is a special number for me, and thereby I shall put in it's place a -very- special person. One who I wonder if she realizes how much she holds my heart in the palm of her kitten-ish hands. Not just because of the RP, no of course not. I could enumerate all of why I love you.. because you care for me as an individual, all RPing characters aside. That touches my heart more then anything.. I can vent to you, I can rant to you, I can be myself with you.. you are twisted, beautiful, kind, enthusiastic, shining and shimmering and she brings to mind the phrase. "To know her is to love her..". And I adore you.. my sweet shining goddess of angst.

10.) And you, we used to live in each other's pockets however real life problems both overset us.. so we have had to put alot of plots and the whatnot on hold. We are both similar, you and I.. You are the steel wings and I am the broken wings.. both afraid to give too much of ourself out.. and yet we are placed in positions where we have to be amiable and sociable.. perhaps we are just torturing each other. But I know that you can come to me to talk about anything and likewise I can talk to you.

11.) We met through your now ex-girlfriend and we hit it off right away, and you inspired quite a few things in me.. plots and ideas. You were the one who fed the Xeno-fire.. and for that I am eternally grateful. I love you alot as well.. I just wish I could get over my muse block that you lament about.. the Xenogears one are still particularly rampant. But just because I do not play does not mean that I do not care.. remember that.

12.) We actually know each other in real life. I remember in college we used to skip out of Math and go to the mall. Those were the good days.. really they were.. you really need to AIM me some more.. oh yes.. Reservoir Dogs ROCK. *hee's* Oh yes, and I could of completely fallen for you if I had not guessed that you were a super genius and like 15 years old. -_- Your age killed the ardor, especially to a 20 (at the time) girl.

13.) angeluszion: Gods you are funny, and I will always associate you with your icon character for obvious reasons. All hail death and destruction. Oh yes, there is nothing like a fresh pot of wank in the morning. Xeno-wank!!

14.) I am awed by your knowledge of japanese Xenogears and I all but worship and adore you, you have become my god.. especially when you posted that link up on the Hyuricdeau community. Now because of you I have a spiff-ass keychain. So nice. Please share further knowledge with me, it is always nice to talk to someone that really knows their Xenogears!

15.) DAMN IT I HATE YOU YOU PATHETIC PIECE OF USELESSNESS! *punts you off a cliff* You are mean and you smell! *snerks* Of course it's a secret between you and me because we do not -really- hate each other.. we just play haters on TV... you are really a great person.. our rivalry, feud, meanness just means we giggle in PMs. IHWAINO! *visage knight salutes*

16.) I love it when you cream your panties.. *snickers* And you get just as fangirly as me in certain subjects. You are a great woman.. and damn it you give -good- cyber. *winks* And it's just casual flirting which I like.. not to mention altar sex. *heh's* And chocolate. Man, woman.. you know the way to my libido. *hee's*

17.) We are alot allike, you and I.. we share a mutual friend and we don't talk much but more often then not we can relate to what the other is saying. Both of us have shed alot of the pain from the past and I adore you.. I really do. You are a strong woman, you are independant, and you are very ambitious.. all traits which I admire. Never change, because I love you just the way you are. Oh yes.. GHOST MILK!

18.) jurhael: We might not agree with pairings but I will admit you have come up with quite a few fics that have -floored- me. I am pretty sure you know who I am talking about. And you have gotten me into a few bands which I normally would not of noticed. You are talented and I am sure to check out your work on "Drabble Me".. you are an awesome writer and if I can be termed even a modicrum as good as you, I can be very content with myself.

19.) starkodama: I don't know you very well but you have the potential of becoming one of my favorite people.. and all because you commented on some of my Xenosmut. And then I found out that you ship Sigurd and Citan.. that makes me want to rape you.. -_- So better invest in those vinyl pants.. hope to talk more with you.. you have my AIM. ^_^

20.) DAMN IT CHAOS WEAR YOUR UNDERWEAR LIKE A REGULAR HUMAN BEING! *snickers* Oh yes, my fellow Xenosaga fanatic. I also have been known to drool over your cosplay costumes. (you are very talented), and your ability to be able to pair every Xenogears/saga character with every other Xenogears/saga character. It is damn endearing. I heart you. Please finish your Chaos x Allen smut. *glomps*
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