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~This is for vadalia and fauxfaia~

SigurdxHyuga: *dies laughing*
SigurdxHyuga: I must have him!! My villain sense is telling me that the best way to win his heart is to torture him, destroy the only people he's ever loved along with his home and any sense of stability and security he may have ever had, and possibly rape him a few times. Yes! That will surely have him swooning for me like the little girly-looking man he is. I hope I won't have to meet his parents...
SigurdxHyuga: *just snickers*
SigurdxHyuga: I love random LJ comments.
Bikkushin: VWAGAGAGAGA--- wait. o_o
Bikkushin: XD
SigurdxHyuga: *tries to make that particular sound*
SigurdxHyuga: Vwagagagagaggagaga
SigurdxHyuga: It's very german
Bikkushin: XD
SigurdxHyuga: That is what bishounen in hitler outfits and wielding riding crops say when they are smacking the crop down on the little slave boy in chain's ass and fucking them with lit candles.
Bikkushin: HAHAHAHAAHAHkshdkjfsdklfhjlskd XD XD XD!!!!
Bikkushin: I knew I loved you from the very first time we met XD
SigurdxHyuga: *lesbians*
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