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~You all know what I'm talking about~

It's time to switch my user picture. And for all of you that are -new- to my friend's list. I do this one way. I do it via MP3 playlist. Guilt by Association. The next song that comes on will be the deciding factor in which icon will represent me.

Right now, "Successful Mission" by Megumi Hayashibara is playing but not for long.. one minute and 15 seconds til liftoff.

I am as eccentric as you can get unfortunately. ^_^ Of course music is such a dominating factor in my thoughts and ideas.. that who can resist... now all there is to be decided is exactly -which- Citan picture will be in the spotlight.

The next song is..

"Listen" by Johnny Hates Jazz.

To showcase the lyrics.

"Listen.. Listen.. Listen... Listen...

Cold by day, cold by night.
I wonder where the summer's gone.
Make no mistake
No mistake
I've got to find you.

Will you can tell all your friends that you've found a way
Don't tell them all that you've come to stay.
Just you listen
Just you listen
Just a listen
Just a listen to your heart

Take your chances
Take your time
Let's take a slow dance out of here
Now I know
Now I'm sure,
I'll find you tonight

Well you can tell all your friends that you've found a way
Go tell them all that I'm here to stay.

Just a listen
Just a listen
Just you listen to your heart.

Hot by day
Warm by night
I wonder where the winter's gone
There's no mistake
No mistake
We feel the same way

Well you can tell your friends that you found a way
Go tell them all that we're hear to stay

Just a listen
Just a listen
Just you listen
Just you listen to your heart."

And for that reason I chose, CitanxSigurd Forever Love

Are they not cute?

*pets the icon* I was also tempted to use the Kuro and Nia Forever Love one.. but I didn't.. because Citan and Sigurd need their space. *giggles*

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