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~Song Recs~

"So in Love" by Orchestral Manuevers in the Dark (That is a beautiful name for a band.. very poetic.) At times they sound like Depeche Mode without actually -being- Depeche Mode. They are definitely a bit more upbeat then Depeche.

"See You Again" by John Taylor. John Taylor left Duran Duran for a while to combat his drug addiction and he came out with some kickass solo stuff in the process. I did send Kuro one of his song, "Look Homeward Angel" and she liked it. It is a very angsty bitter song about a breakup. I like songs about breakups.. I also like songs about death, that ought to tell you something.

"See You Someday" by Lillian Axe. Very tragic. I love it though, thanks to kurohyou for getting me hooked on all of their awesome power ballads. Power Ballads are also very fun. ^_^

"Poison" by Beborn Beton. You know I see a theme. All of these are really.. angsty and angry songs.. and they are coming up on random. This song is very political so if you do not like political then I suggest you don't download it.

"I'll Be That Girl" by Barenaked Ladies. This group always has beautiful imagery. It is a very folksy rock but the imagery makes up for it at times. This one.. well this song is kinda sad but in a silly way. Silly sad like Ronald McDonald.

"Right Now" by SR-71. The song that I dedicated to Mel on more then one occasion. I keep that song on my playlist to remind myself not to give myself so totally to a woman that when the break occurs, I do not end up broken. Double whammy was that summer my -grandmother- died as well. Traumatic. Much! Any potential girlfriends.. don't fuck me over right after my grandmother died. Oh wait I don't -have- my grandmother's alive anymore.. well let me rephrase that.. do not fuck me over right after -anyone- that I care about dies. Yes keep that to heart. *pat pat*

I think we have time for one more song..

"Black Celebration" By Depeche Mode. To complete the perfect little conglomeration of really tragic/sad/depressing/angry songs. This song is good because I can just see this playing before a tragedy or something of the same ilk. It would definitely be a Nooj song. Must send that to Kuro as well.

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