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~The days are bright and filled me with pain~

"Enclose me in your gentle rain..."

I love Duran Duran's version of "Crystal Ship", originally done by the Doors. Really Simon Le Bon can sound -exactly- like the lead singer of the Doors. It is great. (I cannot for the life of me think of what the guy's name is.. so any help would be great.

"You'd rather cry,
I'd rather fly.."

I have so much to catch up with, though I did finish Xenosaga for all of those that are interested. I got to see Jin. Oh dear gods almighty, I am so lusting after Episode II now. Especially where Jin.. Oh wait, SPOILER! (though really it isn't major). I am such a tease.

My theory of course is that Chaos is a preclude to Zohar and KOS-MOS is a preclude to Deus. It makes it a bit more evident when you saw that scene in the end. Of course that is just my personal theory but I think that it would be safe to assume that they are twined in inexplicable ways.

Many times I have pondered throwing away my Citan-esque Layout.

Of course that is when I tell Citan to get the hell out of my free will part of my mind and leave me alone. I love my Citan everything. *glomps it* He is teh hawt.

Citan: *sighs* We have gone over this a million times. It is called a spell-check and it is not that difficult to manipulate.

Whose running this show, Citan.

Citan: .....

Thought so.

*snerks* Muses are so fun!

Now to find the food-age.

What should I have for lunch?

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