Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Finally.. Japanese Girl~

Pairing: Sigurd Harcourt and Citan Uzuki
Fandom: Xenogears.
Rating: NC-17 for club smut.. (kids, don't let your grandma's read this)
Song: "Japanese Girl" by Fancy

Stay til the sun starts to rise from the sea
Kiss me goodbye til my soul's running free.
I would forget you're my girl from Japan"

The music still hung in the air between them as the spell refused to be broken by anything outside of their circle of exclusiveness. Citan could not be sure who it was that was not letting anything or anyone in. By all accounts and purposes it could of been Sigurd but likewise Citan knew that he was jealously holding on to any tendril of happiness that he could scrounge in this overpowering moment. Thoughts were rendered superfluous though there was no place for those individual machinations of fate and both of them realized that to place their store on thoughts in the twilight of this hazy bliss would be to laugh at the moment that they had been given to share.

Oh how Citan longed to feel Sigurd's body press up against his own in such a setting as this. His nostalgic mind was reminded of such carefree evenings spent on the Entrenak club scene. Simple boyish pleasures that he forwent after Sigurd's departure. In fact the only reason he had enjoyed it was because Sigurd adored the nightlife, thrived on it. Any excuse to see the Sigurd of the time wield that fizzy smile or move that luscious body like a well-honed weapon, any excuse was good enough for him.

The substance of all things hoped for was in this dance right now. His arms draped casually around Sigurd's shoulders and his lips leaning in to lightly brush against brown-sugared skin of Sigurd's neck, nipping here and there as the movements drove them on into a haze that set both of them back at least twelve years.

"A penny for your thoughts, Hyu?" Sigurd whispered against Citan's ear, a husky little whisper that was intended to trail soft bonds of desire throughout Citan and had been a practiced ploy up in Jugend when they had been younger. A mere touch of hearing with that tone and temperment had Hyuga in his appropriate place in his arms and usually pleading with those limpid chocolate brown eyes and that voice like controlled sin.

"I was merely thinking of all the times that we used to dance like this. I can imagine the expression on the Young Master and Fei's face were the crowds to part and reveal us tangled up like this." Citan said with a faint sparkle to his eyes as he enunciated those words lowly enough so that no one could hear, but audible enough so that indeed Sigurd could if he leaned in to catch the words outpour from those lips which he knew was talented in other directions, not just speaking.

"So what if they see us... us 'old folks' are entitled to a little pleasure now and then." Sigurd hinted light innuendos, placing mental imagery in Citan's head because he knew the man's weakness. Mental forplay, quite a bit of it in fact. Citan was not woo'd by the physical realm though he could be coaxed there -quite- easily if the right words were set into place like a grain of dirt into an oyster, it's only tribute the gift of a shimmering sea gem.

"Perhaps I worry a bit too much. I do not want Fei to get the wrong idea." Citan breathed. The dancing had caused him to grow a bit disheveled. The red ribbon no longer holding his hair together so that his silky locks fell down his back and around his shoulders in a riotous mass of black hair much the same color as the ink that ran across the parchment papers of Citan's various technical journals.

That you will always be apart of my life
Please let the flower of passion survive..
When I am back in my hometown again."

"I think that is like locking the barn door after the horses have escaped, to throw one of your sayinsg back at you, Hyu." Sigurd said as his tongue darted out to lightly caress against the curve of Citan's ear, tasting a sweat that was oddly yet familiarly enough of green tea. A pleasant taste that always left Sigurd wanting more and more.. as much as the good doctor could give. He bunched the material of the back of Citan's silk shirt in his hands and pulled Citan a bit more roughly toward him so that there was not an inch separating them. Just pulsing limbs, the beat of two heartbeats that he knew that if it had not been for such inconvenient things as chests and ribcages, they would of already have merged and beat in time with each other. "They know, know that we are lovers. How can they -not- know after all the times we have thrown the crew out of the bridge so that we could have -playtime-?"

At the mention of playtime, Citan flushed just a bit. Not blushed for he was not the sort to spontaneously burst out into shy face coloration. No, he flushed because of the memories of body against body pressed up against the railings at the bridge, white leather and green silk pushed aside from needy greed as flesh made contact with skin so heated that Citan wondered if he was caught up in some sort of oasis.

Sigurd sensed Citan's quietude and then said softly into that same ear, caressing it lightly with worded romanticism. "Many times we've danced like this, to many times for me to count. But they've all shared the same single end."

"Ah yes, that comes to mind as well." Citan said as he ran his fingers along Sigurd's shoulders with a whisper's breadth of desire, reveling in the rippled strength underneath the blatantly erotic heliotrope belly shirt. He knew -exactly- what Sigurd was alluding to for he recalled such nights where the rhythem would arch over the both of them and would not leave until it had spent itself all over their nakedly twining and writhing bodies. The music's only release and one that had been eternally welcomed between them.

"Are you propositioning me?" Citan said with a tad bit of breathlessness to his voice. Those dark chocolate brandy eyes whispering of needs and wants that he had the will power to surpress. However Sigurd Harcourt and willpower rarely, if ever, went hand in hand.

"Mmmmmhmmmm.. We can't very well break tradition, now can we?" Sigurd's coaxing words came and along with it a pleasant sliver of silver hot remembrances that did not want to seem to want to let them be.

"I have heard it said that it is inauspicious to break the bindings of tradition. So, no.. I do not think that it would be a wise idea to tempt fate." He used tradition as the buffer for wanting Sigurd. The sign of a weak man and for all of Citan's strengths, he possessed two achilles heel and one of those heels was grinding their hips together in a thoroughly enticing way, thereby aiding to the weakness even more.

"I'm in danger,
Japanese girl
In your eyes there's a fire of man's desire,
I love you japanese girl
And I know your the Geisha of Broken Hearts."

"Japanese girl...."

"I'm glad you see it my way, Hyu." Sigurd purred against Citan's ear lightly as he started to dance them backwards across the crowded floor. However the floor on second thought did not seem that crowded for the mere fact that no one bumped against his back as it would be expected in an enviroment such as this . A part of Citan's mind had to reason through various things, and perhaps he didn't notice it because he was so entranced by the ocean blue eyes lined faintly by kohl and framed by thick white lashes like silk. When it all came down to it, there could be no reason to this powerful lust that consumed him and this would be another of of the times where he threw his proverbial caution to the wind.

Any words that Citan had been about ready to utter were halted by the feeling of his back making contact with a highly solid wall. On further notice the music still pounded around them but the strains were a bit more muted. And the people that milled about on the dance floor were almost like ants to Citan's trained eye. He glanced up at Sigurd's shadow darkened features. Just as certainly he knew what was coming up next and his breath caught in elusive anticipation.'

"It seems that you have me where you want me." Citan said, his voice coming out in barely a whisper.

"Indeed, I have you Hyu.. and you can be assured that I want you -just- as much." Sigurd purred as he pressed Citan back against the wall even more slowly and then with a subtly yet sudden shift, Sigurd's hips ground up against Citan with agonizing slowness. "And I shall have you -beg- for me, my dearest doctor." A desire laced breathing against an ear that was entirely too sensitive to such stimulii. The white leather pants created a slick resistance against his own silk. Leather and silk. It was just as much polar opposites as Fire and Water, and yet both were alluring to the touch, both stoked the fires of sensuality that flittered between them.

"It is a simple matter really, to burn for you." Was the only thing that came from of Citan's lips but their potency were wide-reaching. After all Citan knew well the attraction that Sigurd posed to him and the fact that Citan could not really resist it, those sultry glances hinting of pleasures that Citan found he was still addicted to.

"And you likewise make me thirst for you.." And to prove a point, Sigurd's lips lowered to Citan's neck, tugging at the high necked silk collar before he nipped lightly at pale skin, a paleness that was further set apart by Citan's beautiful ebony locks. A moan tugged at Citan's lips, so soft as to be rendered nearly inaudible. However the only one who heard it was thankfully the only one that mattered in this moment of pulsing beats and ambrosia tasting sweat.

You look so sad by the light of the moon
I feel your tears falling like the blue dunes
Your love is trapped in the arms of my heart"

"Why....." Was all that Citan inquired as the back of his head touched the wall and his neck arched decadently to allow Sigurd more taste of such a sweet collumn. A shiver passed through him as he felt Sigurd's hand undo the complicated fastens of the top of his shirt and then lingeringly shove the material away so that he could dart his tongue into the triangled hollow of Citan's throat. Questions should not of had any place in this moment, but they emmerged regardless from Citan's lips and Sigurd did his best to squash them, even though he did not stop the ministrations of his lips or tongue.

"Leaving Solaris, I realized that overcoming my -Drive- addiction was the easy part. Nothing prepared me for the withdrawal symptoms I recieved after leaving you. I missed you like the deserts miss the rain." Sigurd's fingers pried at the sash that hung loosely around Citan's slender waist, undoing the clasps before allowing the slash to slip to the floor with a whisper of things to come.

Sigurd's tongue lapped and lapped indolently, savoring his neck like a cat would savor fine cream. Citan's fingers curled in Sigurd's shoulders as if he could not take even such minute sensual torture such as this but listening to the faint purring at the back of Sigurd's throat, Citan knew without a doubt that this was only the beginning of a very long night.

The grinding of hips stopped, only to leave Citan whimpering slightly at the friction that had been taken away from him. He had not been prepared for the sudden empty feeling that the lack of contact had ushered in. "Oh gods, Sigurd.. please, I beg of you.." Citan's voice was lower then usual and for once it was impassioned. It was a state that Citan's voice did not often go through.

"You beg me of what?" Damn that coy voice and the hot breath that bounced off his neck. Citan remembered such cat and mouse games but this was taken to an entirely different level and a vastly superior playing field. Indolently the flat of Sigurd's palm wandered from chest to navel and finally stopping at the groin of Citan's trousers, lightly holding it a few inches away. The heat radiating from that hand assaulted Citan all at once and his hips arched to try and graze those fingertips against his arousal and thereby gain some sort of satisfaction. "Hyu, you didn't answer my question."

"You know what it is I seek, you do not even have to play these games.." Citan struggled to catch his breath and let his voice show some sort of indignance but it did not fool Sigurd and he chuckled lightly as he nipped against Citan's upper chest, a few inches away from a cloth-covered rosy peak. Yet Sigurd for all his fiery impatience was taking his time. Time enough to savor ever single delectable inch of his lover's body.

"But the games are so much fun, Hyu..." Sigurd mumbled thickly against clean green-tea scented skin before he slid his parted lips down and lightly ran his lower lip teasingly along the prickled ridges surrounding the aching nub. Not drawing the spicy peak into his mouth, not yet. He wanted to hear Citan's soft little pants raining down upon his silvery locks, it was what Sigurd in this moment lived for. He supposed that when Citan went back to rejoin his perfect little family in Shevat, he would survive the loss that he had ultimately brought upon himself. For right now though, Hyuga Ricdeau was -his- and he would not give him up for -anything-.

His hand finally made contact with the cloth of Citan's trousers and he lightly started to massage against the evidence of his lover's own need. Selfish in the fact that he was the one who was causing that hard as a rock erection, his fingers plying expertly against ridges that he had committed to memory a long time ago. But skin did most certainly ache for skin and Sigurd likewise knew that he needed to feel, perhaps even taste Citan. It did not matter that they were at a club and there was the potential of being watched, oh no. Sigurd actually was quite the exhibitionist and there was nothing that he enjoyed more then having his way with Citan with the chance of being caught. But for tonight he had a bit of respect for the fact that Citan wanted this private, the gods above knew that Sigurd would do anything in his power to make Citan happy.

Even if it meant eventually giving him back to his family...

Why did you fall for a stranger like me
Soon I have to leave you alone, can't you see.
Girl you'll be drowning in an ocean of blue"

But that could not be thought of right now when the music vibrated with life and vitality and Citan's quivering form was pinned against the wall. Distance might of lent enchantment to view but then so did club lights and here in the moments there was nothing more beautiful then Citan pressed there with his chocolate brown eyes darkened considerably. His fingers snaked back up the seam of Citan's trousers before arriving on it's intentions, the elusive clasps that barred more of his lover's body from his view.

They would definitely have to go

The belt jangled resoundingly as it hit the ground, the audible sound of gates being swung open even though both of them knew there was no -real- victory. Somewhere in the back of their mind it was easy to just pretend that this was the first time, that they were two strangers meeting at a club in order to share a stolen moment in a corner. A romantic concept now though the morning after would tell a far different story.

Reaching in, Sigurd's fingers passed by the folds of green silk boxers and then finally he had Citan's throbbing length held in the palm of his hand. The heat between the both of them, it was hard to exactly pinpoint where it started and where it ended. Perhaps it was a circle.. but such sentiments couldn't of been further from each other's minds.

"Tell me how you want it..." Sigurd whispered silkily against Citan's chest before he coaxed a nipple into his sinfully wet mouth and started to suck on it as if the world was going to end all around them and he was consuming his last bit of sweet candy before the fall.

"You know.. I do not.. do not have to -tell- you..."

"But I want to know anyways, Hyu.." Sigurd countered back, releasing a taut nipple and then moving on to the twin to it, lightly running his tongue against the tip and looking upward to shoot Citan a coy and utterly alluring look. The one that said quite plainly, ~Talk dirty to me Hyu.. you can let yourself go.. with me..~

"Very well then.. I want.." Because it was sometimes difficult for Citan to voice his own emotions and thoughts. It was of course a product of having been brought up to serve, so he was used to sitting back and offering his own sound advice but never truly -sharing- anything. So much of him kept locked up. Citan's voice lowered to it's own brand of huskiness and his fingers reached to lightly twine in Sigurd's hair, running his fingers through it's silkiness almost desperately. "I want you.. like we used to be. In the Entrenak club, you taking me to the back.. perhaps even getting me a bit inebriated and then you drinking your fill of me against the closest wall, pounding against me as if tomorrow would never come..." Citan's eyes had to close at the images of the past that assaulted him and rendered him harder if that was even possible.

"That's something I can do.. except I can guarentee you that before the morning comes, you will." Sigurd said with a contented little purr as his hands stroked Citan's cock to the time and beat of the club music. It was a simple thing to shift Citan against the wall so that soon it would be Citan with his cheek pressed up against the wall. All those mornings of exercises and training in this moment were rather well spent, at least in Sigurd's opinion. He did not let go of Citan's luscious member, of course not.. he allowed his hand to follow with the movement. Definitely enough to have Citan pinned there helplessly and he had to take a few moments to admire his handiwork.

Skilled fingers ran along the faintly throbbing flesh, teasing against the sensitive area right on the underside and relishing in every miniscule shiver that his lover gave in response to such ministrations. Leaning forward to further press Citan against the wall as well as part his lips to encapture an earlobe and lightly tug, his reward was Citan's soft moans and pants and that beautiful ass grinding against his cloaked arousal. "Mmmm yes, good Hyu.. let yourself go." Sigurd murmured with his breath and saliva heated against Citan's ear.

Pressing his palms flat against the wall and a lock of raven midnight hair brushing against his cheek, slightly damp from the evidence of heat that was coming from the club combined with his own body. His eyes slid shut as he gave into the whispering that commanded against his ear and every moment was a moment where he knew that this was where be belonged. Perhaps it was his familiarity with every inch of Sigurd's alluring angles and his thirst for more and more. "Sigurd.. please..." Citan begged as his hips traitorously bucked upward so that his cock could grind against the palm of Sigurd's welcoming hand.

"Exactly what I want to hear." Sigurd mused as his other hand attempted to shove silk pants down those slender martial arts sculpted hips so that they pooled like a white lagoon around Citan's ankles. Following them soon was Citan's boxers which whispered against legs in their descent. Giving Sigurd likewise a shiver of pleasure at Citan's wanton behavior so reminiscent of what they shared so long ago. He started pumping Citan in earnest as his other hand spread alabaster cheeks and found the rose-bud entrance, his index finger lightly tickling against it in an effort to relax his lover against what was to occur in a few moments.

But preparations came first and Sigurd was ever mindful of that. The last thing Sigurd -wanted- to do was to hurt Citan and so his fingers darted back up so that he could draw his own digits into his mouth and suck, lathing them for insertion into his lover's tight hole. It was crude, yes.. but then so was the dancing that they had partaken of in this out-of-the-way club in Bledavik.

Meanwhile, Citan was lost in the sensations and flooded by his own desire. His lust-hazed mind could barely comprehend anything. Normally even in desire Citan could be coolly logical but Sigurd had a habit of eradicating his walls and defenses, thereby reducing him to a puddle of desire so intense that he felt at one with the Fire Element. An involuntary shiver wracked his body when he felt the light tickling of fingertip against his sensitive entrance and combined with the steady stroking of cock by hand, well Citan wondered why his knees hadn't given out yet. On further thought he realized it was because they had, he was just supported by the wall and Sigurd's body.

Hee lost all concept of people around them and his hips arched when he felt a slickened finger slid effortlessly into his heated core. Rolling his hips against the intrusion, part way to get that finger in deeper, and then the other part of him which wanted to tempt Sigurd with his lovely body so that the other man could not resist him even if he attempted to do so.

Another finger entered and Sigurd started fucking those two fingers inside his lover, striving to reach that spot as well as instigate a quick scissoring motion which would provide spasms of pleasure that alternated between the slow and building to the quick and encompassing. Citan was lost, drowning in all that they were set to create, never having felt so complete in pleasure. When Sigurd touched that treasure spot, it took all of Citan's self control not to come right then and there, so much control in fact that a light sheen of sweat that dotted his forehead.

~Soon.. please soon...~ Was Citan's unspoken plea as his forehead rested against the forgiving wall. Reduced to a state of blinding desire that had built up in him and incapable of release unless by Sigurd's skilled hands. ~You've always known.. how to touch me. How can you know...?~ but those thoughts were only -half- lucid, having no real basis in logical thought.

One last finger added, and it was torture for both of them for by that time the fire was raging between them and demanded to be sated. ~Just a little while longer.. a few minutes..~ Sigurd thought to himself consolingly as his pace quickened. When he was certain of Citan's relaxation, then did he remove those fingers and then they went to jerk open the fly of his own leather pants. Luckily Sigurd was not one to actually -like- to wear undergarments and so once his pants were undone, his hardness was quick to spot the gate had opened and likewise pop out just like that, wasting no time whatsoever. A singular lick and spit to his palms which he then applied faultlessly to his length, coating it and then with a certain hand he guided it so that the tip was pressing between Citan's spread legs, lightly tapping at the tight what seemed like entrance to heaven.

"It's all over,
Japanese girl,
In your eyes there's a fire of man's desire
I love you japanese girl
And I know you're the Geisha of Broken Hearts."

"My Japanese love..."

Inch by inch, Sigurd slowly slid into that sinful heat and supressed a groan of pleasure that was so intense that had he fully emitted it, everyone in the club would of known what he was doing to his lover in the back of the club. He contented himself with the strained breathing against Citan's ear as well as whispering encouragements in response to the warmth that was enveloping his cock whole.

"I could stay like this forever.. one with you." Sigurd sobbed breathily, the romanticism at odds with the surroundings and yet strangely in sync with them in a touching emotional oxymoron.

"And I.. with.. you." Citan tried his best to return the sentiment however he was being distracted enough as it was and the struggle to hold himself back for the time being, well it was wearing away at him.. placing tiny cracks in his self control so that he knew that he would come undone soon. Sigurd touched his core and he bit back a sob of pleasure, his hips were the only things right now that wanted to do the talking, and talk they did.. starting to move, albeit impatiently so that he could take more of his lover into him. There would be many times to linger on each other's bodies but now was not the time for such languorous lovemaking. The music, the dancing, the energy dictated something entirely different.

Sensing Citan's unspoken plea, Sigurd started to move his hips forward to drive himself in deeper, a primal pant caressed past his lips as he felt that tight clenching of sex and sin engulf around him, squeezing him, milking him of all that he held sacred. For a few moments, he kept everything steady but slow despite the ravaged workings of Citan's hips thrusting backwards against him. Placing his hands on Citan in order to steady himself and gain some control over the motions, he bit back his own cries of pleasure, instead leaning in and voicing his pleasure into Citan's ear with the blessing of a single whisper.

"Sigurd.. by all you hold.. sacred.. please.. faster." Citan managed to gasp as he opened his eyes and shifted his head so that he could look up at Sigurd with eyes that were drowsy with desire and clouded with a bit of healthy lust. This was Hyu, this was the man that Sigurd had fallen in love with twelve years ago. And even though Citan wanted to be the cool, calm and collected doctor Citan Uzuki, in this moment Sigurd could see the lover that he left so long ago, the one calm but yet boiling with feelings and overpowering emotions.

That was the man that Sigurd could never resist.. not even the simplest of requests. He heard his lover's cries for quickening and likewise he did just that, his hips speeding up as he drove himself in and out with much more fervor and urgency. In a matter of moments he was slamming himself into those silken depths relentlessly, fueled on by the tinder of Citan's, no -his- Hyu's moans.

It was a simple matter to clench and that is exactly what Citan did, his snug walls becoming like a vice for Sigurd to be trapped in. Their bodies twined and arched against each other in search of that missing piece and it seemed like eternity that their bodies writhed and arched with Sigurd going in deeper and deeper to utterly desecrate him in such hot passion as his efforts finally paid him back in the revealing of that spot that would be the key to Citan's climax. Sigurd focused his already hazy attentions on that spot when he heard Citan's indrawn breath sharply break the silence of the moment.

"I'm in danger,
Japanese girl,
In your eyes is a fire of man's desire
I love you japanese girl,
And I know you're the Geisha of Borken Hearts."

Pinpoints of pleasure flowed through him and he gasped with the overwhelming sensations, trying to steady himself and then inevitably he allowed Sigurd to do that for him. "Sigurd.. soon.. I am going to.." Citan leaned his forehead against the wall as he felt the tightening of his cock, signifiying that it would not be much longer. A subtle moan and then everything exploded into white nothingness behind his closed eyes. He tried to keep quiet except for a few lust wreathed whimpers but ultimately he shuddered with the force.

That force is what ushered Sigurd into completion. His lover's climax sent those silky walls vibrating. A few more thrusts and then he was shooting his own milky sweet essence into Citan, coating those walls with the pearls of his orgasm. He sobbed softly in pleasure, wrapping his arms around Citan and leaning them both against the wall. It was a struggle to get back his breath but it must be done and they stood there in silence with Sigurd resting his head against Citan's. Both their breathing merging into one, even their chests heaved at the exact same pace.

"That was.. so beautiful, Hyu." Sigurd whispered as he brushed a lock of hair out of Citan's eyes and then slowly slipped himself out and then he shifted Citan so that he could look into those angel eyes. "You never lose your touch, you always leave me wanting you more." There was a catch to Sigurd's voice, as if he was very close to crying. But Citan, Citan would not allow Sigurd to cry and very lightly he traced a finger underneath Sigurd's unpatched eye, knowing that Sigurd would be too proud to show Citan any weakness for both their sakes.

"Tomorrow morning will hurt, it always does." Citan whispered as he started to right both of their trousers.

"But did that ever stop us, Hyu?" He was brought back to the morning when he had left for the Surface, they had stood their on the docks and held each other. The night before having been spent desperately making love. They had both known that it would hurt when Sigurd left. But it did not stop them from making the most of their time together.

This time it would not be Sigurd that would do the leaving, it would be Citan. They both knew that Citan had a wife and a child and that he was doing something unforgiveable even by stealing these moments together but once temptation called and was given into, it became easier and easier to do that which one longed to do with little regard for anyone else.

"No, it never did."

That was a bittersweet thought, for it would set the stage for after the fall of whatever powers may be. It made both of them wonder where this affair would lead and who would get hurt. Citan did not want to hurt his wife or his child, neither did Sigurd want to hurt them either. But for now, for the moment it was not time to think of such things, but rather concentrate on the moments that they had, stolen though they may be. For Sigurd and Citan knew that they would have to store away every little memory, every little moment that they could for whatever fate lay in store for them Ultimately it would be those little thougths and sentiments that would keep their hearts warm in the rainy day of forever.

"Japanese girl...
My japanese love..."

Songfic by Nia Westphal

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