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~It's time for action and I want it from you~

There is just something so discouraging about trying to comment to someone's comment at -least- ten times and of course getting booted by pop ups EVERY time. *growls* I think it is Citan's doing. It is payback for the sex that he had tonight. *shifty eyes* But it was good.. it was bondage. Good old Sigurd paying Citan back for spending too much time on Fenrir. -_-

That will teach Citan to not stumble in at 1 A.M and expect Sigurd to be understanding.

I do have to admit that the vibrator -did- cause my jaw to drop.

It's the quiet ones.. always the quiet ones.

Which reminds me...

AOL is going tomorrow.. but in a few days I -shall- be back with Cable Modem goodness. ^_^

That means I might finally be able to download, "When Guardian Angels Cry" and not get consistantly booted off.

Don't mourn me.. just rejoice in the fact that I shall be back, and more then likely I will come bearing smutty goodness. MY CHILDREN I SHALL NOT FORSAKE YOU.

Citan: Methinks that the whole 'father, I have sinned' plotline is going to her head. *sweatdrops*
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