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~Because I am doing random stuff today on my journal~

Including surveys...

If you want to know more about me.. just click the link.

-My name is: Nia
-nicknames: Nia, Hyu, One Winged Hyu, Hyuga, BondageSeraph, Prince Nia
-sex: None of the above
-birthday: September 9th, 1979
-color: Green of course
-star sign: Virgo
-place of birth: San Bernadino, Ca
-current residence: Mountain Home AFB
-hair color: Naturally it is many colours.. now.. it is black
-eye color: Emerald Green
-height: 5’6'
-writing hand: Right


-do you bite your nails: Yup
-can you roll your tongue: Yes.. *demonstrates
-can you blow smoke rings: I don't smoke
-can you blow spit bubbles: Eww.. no
-can you cross your eyes: Only unless I am trying to be goofy. (or I am drunk)
-tattoos and where: Nope
-do you make your bed daily: I try to
-what’s sexiest on a guy: Another guy
-what’s sexiest on a girl: Me
-do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it: Twirl.. it's fun for all!
-what utensils do you use eating pizza: I eat it with my hands
-do you cook: Of course, one thing I -don't- share with the good doctor.


-how often do you brush your teeth: Twice a day
-do you shower/bathe: Bathe usually.. unless it was today then I showered
-how long do these showers last: 10 minutes
-hair drying method: Comb it and then put it in a bun
-do you pee in the shower: X_x
-what color is your bedroom: Forest green
-do you use an alarm clock: Nope
-name four things or people you're obsessed with: Citan Uzuki, Kuro, Yaoi, Angst
what’s your sleeping position: On my side
what kind of bed do you like: I like the kinds you sleep on
in hot weather do you use a blanket: Blankie!
do you sleepwalk: Occasionally
do you talk in your sleep: Constantly
how about the light on: No, I don't need lights
do you fall asleep with the TV or radio: I used to use the radio -all- the time.. but now I don't need it


had sex: A month ago
watched bambi: A LONG time ago
cried: I cried at a movie, oh yes, Peter Pan
talked on the phone: Today when I litered my friend's list with phone posts
read a book: I finally finished "The Impetuous Twin" by Irene Saunders. I heart Regency Romances.


is music important to you: Extremely important
do you sing: I sing.. just not well
what instruments do you play: None
what do you think of Eminem: Some good songs.. too much hype
in your opinion what band is the best of all time: Duran Duran


pop music: Not often.. though sometimes
rock music: Most.
punk music: It's alright
rap music: Not really
hip-hop/RB: ditto
country: Not really
jazz: Not really
classical: depends on my mood
new age: Yes I love new age
hardcore: Eh
indie rock: Yes
emo: I am not sure about that
Game: Mmmm of course


What do you notice first? Eyes
Do you have a crush on anyone: Three major people are on my crush list.. they know who they are.
Easiest to talk to: Kuro


Could you live without the computer? No, not really
What’s your favorite fruit? Cherries. *salacious wink*
What hurts the most? Physical or emotional pain?: Emotional
Trust others way too easily? No, I do not trust easily at all


Of times you have had your heart broken? 3
Of hearts you have broken? 10 + (*is the Geisha of Broken Hearts*)
Of girls kissed? Don't make me count
Of boys kissed? 3 | Girls kissed: 2
of drugs taken illegally? 0
Of tight friends? 3
Of CD's owned? 300
Of scars on my body? 2.. both childhood related


I know: Citan Uzuki
I want: A flight mate
I have: all the love I could want
I wish: for my friend's happiness
I hate: cocky men
I miss: the other half of my soul
I fear: rejection
I hear: my own melody
I love: myself
I ache: to find a greater purpose
I care: about everyone on my friend's list
I always: think like a man of action, act like a man of thought
I cry: where no one can see me
I write: in spurts and orgasms
I confuse: everyone around me
I can usually be found: on my livejournal
Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing: No, I fear strip games

-ARE YOU A...-

Wuss: nah
Druggie: nope
Gang member: Mmmmmm not really
Daydreamer: Absolutely
Alcoholic: Nope, though when I drink it is bad
Freak: Absolutely
Brat: Nah, I am not Gippal or Baralai
Sarcastic: Yes
Goody-goody: Nope
Angel: Perhaps Fallen Angel is more like that
Devil: Of cooooorse not
Friend: Hmmmmm
Shy: Not shy at first, just initially taciturn
Adventurous: Hnnnn.. I dunno
Intelligent: Extremely.. but that is just me being facetious


Your best feature [personality]: Creativty
Most annoying thing you do: Zone out
Biggest mistake you've made this far: Selling myself short
Describe your personality in one word: Mutable
A smell that makes you smile: Green tea
A city you'd like to visit: Venice Beach.. again
A drink you order most often: Coke
The music you prefer while alone: Eurodance
A TV show you watch regularly: Will & Grace
You live in: A cookie cutter house in Idaho

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