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~Random Realizations~

Albedo is fragging scary. (*is at the song of Nephilim and his laugh and the way he ripped off his *spoilerspoilerspoiler*) Yeah, two nuts short of a bolt

Chaos should not be allowed to wear those tighty whity understuff. Yes, I know he looks like a little kid version of Sigurd but that does not excuse him. I would -shoot- Sigurd if I saw Sigurd trampling around in white short shorts.. I'm sure Citan would too. Gods know that Kuro would.. I'd lend her my gun.

Ziggy is pretty damn hot. I smile when I see his chest.. he has a Nooj chest... X_X..

And I WANT JIN! *hugs my archetype*

There, that being said. *heh's*
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