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~Xeno-drabble time~

Pairing: Everyone, repeat after me. Hyuga and Sigurd. This should be a staple being that Sigurd and Hyuga/Citan is my OTP. For all of you that do not like the pairing, gomen for cluttering up the board.
Fandom: Do I really need to say?
Warnings: Other then a truly horrible joke about Omnigears and Gear shifts.. absolutely nothing.
Challenger: kurohyou
Challenge Word: Pyrotechnic
Scenario: Jugend Era.

Every year with the start of summer, Emperor Cain held a solstice celebration for the people of Entrenak. For two weeks out of the year the streets of the platinum city were filled to the brim with the joyous ring of human laughter and festivities. Students at Jugend were given the two weeks off in leave to participate fully in the events of the celebration and even the third class citizens who showed themselves to be deserving were let off the hook. It was a time of unity and a time that did not happen often enough for most of the people.

Stalls would be set up in the main square, beautifully exotic wares of the kind that could only be purchased on the surface. The aroma of pastry goods wafted thickly and caused many a citizen's mouth to water. Staged puppet shows were set up for the delight of children and the strong solarian liquor-like-paint-thinner flowed like water long into the night.

It almost made one wonder exactly -what- young Hyuga Ricdeau was doing in one of the gear hangers at Jugend when all the rest of the city was making as if the world was going to end tomorrow. Any one could of called the water element on his workaholic nature but there just wasn't anyone around to do it.

However for once he was -not- working on his prized Fenrir. No, of course not. That treasured other passion of his stood gleaming with nary even a ladder nearby to mar it's beauty. Instead Hyuga was sitting cross-legged on the ground, clad in a pair of work overalls which was a few sizes too baggy for him and he was busy putting together a strange gadgets of sorts that looked for all intents and purposes like a loss odds and ends ball of parts and parcel. And he was evidentally caught up in it if the soot splashed liberally across his face and overalls were any indication.

There was someone though who was looking for young Ricdeau. By all intents and purposes the gear hangers should of been the -first- place that Sigurd should of checked but he had been busy taking Billy off to see one of the puppet shows, all but co-erced into it by Jesiah. However now he was back and after seeing quite a bit of the fair, there was nothing more that he wanted to do them stroll up and down the square hand in hand with his lover. Such romantic and fanciful images came to mind of him sharing an ice cream with Hyuga as they weaved through the various stalls and in which they blew their weeks salary on trinkets of romance and devotion, carefully picked out for one by the other. For such a born romantic as Sigurd Harcourt was, sometimes it was hard having such a pragmatic and logical boyfriend such as Hyuga Ricdeau.

"Hyu?" Sigurd stepped into the gear hanger and called out gently, his voice echoing in the large expanse of pure space. He always felt so small and insignificant whenever he came into the gear hanger to fetch his lover and hence why he tried not to come in too much. He heard the clink of a wrench and likewise tried to steer himself close to that magic noise, likewise brushing a lock of wavy silvery white hair out of his eyes as he rounded the corner, heading into the general direction of where Fenrir was located.

Initially he was expecting Hyuga to be hanging precariously from a ladder as he struggled to make adjustments to the Omnigear's black box.. however he saw Hyuga sitting there perfectly calm with a wrench in one hand while the other hand held down a contraption. Sigurd paused, taken aback by the sight of Hyuga doing something -other- then polish his beloved gear. Finally he approached quietly and then said in an equally quiet way. "Hyu, whatever are you -doing-?" Sigurd said as he kneeled down beside Hyuga and looked at the oddity of mechanical wonderment.

Hyuga ganced up from his work and graced Sigurd with a good natured smile as he set down his wrench and whipped his nose with his sleeve. Not a very romantic gesture, but well the smile made even such a ridiculous gesture look somewhat cute, especially when the sleeves of the overalls were -obviously- a few sizes too large. "Oh, this.. It is a Pyrotechnics Display Generator! Emperor Cain requested that I work on something for the festival." Hyuga said, quite pleased with himself as could be told by the freckled brown eyes which danced with limpid pleasure. "He said it would make the children happy." Hyuga proclaimed as he picked up a screw driver and started tightening nuts and bolts along the way to the main engine.

A soft smile crossed over Sigurd's lips as he glanced over at Hyuga, at the way that -his- Hyu took such pleasure in doing a service to the festival. It warmed his heart, made his love for Hyuga all that more pronounced. When everyone else wanted to be selfish, there was Hyuga doing something for the general man as a whole. "Wow, that's nice of you Hyu... so what sort of things is it gonna be doing?" Sigurd said as he curled up next to the raven-haired boy. He liked to hear Hyuga talk about things like this, because the passion that came into Hyu's voice with the description was indeed a treat, he could feel the pleasure radiating off Hyu and it was -almost- as good as the feelings that came with physical intimacy. It gave him a cuddly warmth that he cherished despite all of his pretense of toughness.

"Oh, well.. there are different settings to this. One of course activates different fireworks displays. See all the buttons." pointing to at least twenty different buttons. "Each one sets off a different type of propulsion design and shape for the firework. This large controller is used to program them in sequence. And then this knob over here... sets off the light show. This slot over here takes preprogrammed images on disk to be animated and projected out. I have a few disks programmed already. And then this final one controls the water jets out in Entrenak square.. I have figured that it would be rather magnificient to combine all the elements together."

"Is -this- what you've been working on tirelessly for the past few weeks?" Sigurd said, completely in awe of the fact that his lover's genius hit him right in the head again and he was helpless to do much else except marvel at it. He was not technologically minded and so half the time he got swept up in the whirlwind of Hyuga's brilliance. But he could actually understand this.

"Yes, Jesiah let me out of training early and Emperor Cain gave me clearance around the square to tweak and edit things as I deemed fit." Hyuga said proudly and then he glanced sideways at Sigurd with a soft smile as he unscrewed one of the fuel caps. "You know there is only one last thing I need for it to turn from machine to magic." Hyuga said with a soft and thoroughly endearing smile.

"Eh, what's that?" Sigurd said as he tilted his head to the side, stray hair and all falling into his right eye per usual. Like clock-work, Hyuga reached over to brush it back behind Sigurd's ear even though he knew it would not last long and that hair would be right back where it started in but the space of a few moments.

"Fire ether..." Hyuga said in that coaxing voice which he used whenever Sigurd had something that he particularly wanted, however this was the first time that he had used that voice in a non-sexual way and it kind of turned Sigurd on. Guilt by association. Hyuga leaned over and draped his arms around Sigurd's shoulders and rested his head against the other teen's shoulder.

"What do I get out of it?" Sigurd said, raising up a lofty brow and trying to appear as if he could negociate with the other boy and to clinch it, he folded his arms around his chest.

"The joy of seeing a thousand children smiling happily?" Hyuga said as he nuzzled against Sigurd's shoulder in a pseudo-cute manner.

"There is only one smile I need to see, Hyu.." Sigurd could not resist Hyuga and likewise he slumped his posture and wrapped his arm around his boyfriend's slender waist. "And that smile is as chrystalline and as pure as the sky that shines over Solaris... and just as refreshing."

"You are a charmer, Mr. Harcourt." Hyuga said but his voice was pleased as he cuddled up.

"A ride in Fenrir would sort of be cool too.." Came Sigurd's next bargaining chip.

"What kind of -ride- do you mean?"

"The kind that involves gear shifts."

"Omnigears do not -have- gear shifts."

"Well then I guess we'll have to substitute..."

"You are absolutely wicked!" But truly Hyuga did enjoy it, so did Sigurd. The banter between water and fire were often -very- stimulating. The balance between them made them excellent partners in anything they undertook. The bonds of sea and fire. "You are lucky that I am in desperate need of your pyro nature, else I should have to toss you out of this hanger for trying to tempt me." Hyuga said as he picked up Sigurd's hand and withdrew the black gloves which acted as insulators for the ether energy. He then positioned the hand above the ether tank and glanced over at Sigurd almost expectantly.

"Now remember Hyu, I am not a cow that can just be -milked- of my ether.." It was petulant yes, but he was only truly -playing- at being petulant because it got a reaction from Hyu and he thirsted for that

"Sigurd, sit down, be quiet and just say moo."

"Moo..." Sigurd said as ether energy slowly slipped from his hand and filled the tank. He had a feeling it was going to be a -long- night.

And indeed it was a very long night.

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