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~RP bit~

The light seeped out of the cracks in his fingers and then slowly he opened his hand and watched as the star hovered above the palm and he smiled soflty. "Yes... it is beautiful.. " And then the star flittered off.. a tinkling sound that echoed in the universe.. ~Chase me~ and then Hyugalis bit his lower lip and grinned, giving Siguriel that look as if to say, "Shall we" and then he started flying toward where the star disappeared.

It was a challenge from that star and Siguriel smirked slightly and gave chase, darting after the path of that star. "It shall not get away so easily, right Hyu?" Siguriel called playfully.

"Indeed it shall not.. Sig..." Hyugalis murmured as they flew side by side, in search for that elusive star that seemed to have darted off without a by you leave. He could not help but smile as it was comforting to have someone at his side on these nightly flights of fancy that he took.

Siguriel likewise enjoyed the company, normally spending his nights sitting wreathed in flame, ebony wings gathered about himself. It was extremely pleasant to have someone to fly with and his eyes scanned the sky searchingly, hoping to catch a shimmering glimpse.

And a twinkle caught both of their eyes.. that same star giggling throughout the heavens and then Hyuga paused them in mid flight, sort of hovering them there and then placing a finger against his own lip and looking up solemnly at Sigurd. "Perhaps we can catch him this evening.. we must be quiet.. a sound shall alert him.."

Siguriel paused and considered a moment, focusing his power so that the rings through his wings were held down silently against feathers, making the beating of his wings far quieter. "Maybe we can... sneak up on him." Siguriel suggested and grinned impishly.

"We shall launch an attach on him.." Hyugalis said, his own wings having silenced quite a bit as he leaned up to whisper into Siguriel's ear, the essence of green tea carrying over with him. "You shall sneak up on to him from above and I shall dive down, only to emmerge just below him.. he should not be able to escape so easily that way.. I have only tried to catch him with myself.. it will be easier with two I think.."

"It is surprising that you aren't the angel of both water and fire coming up with such an intelligent plan. I think it just might work." Siguriel said, softly inhaling the scent of green tea and then softly soaring upwards, allowing the air to carry him upward with the flapping of his wings, keeping his eye on that shining glint.

And Hyugalis slowly allowed himself to fall down to a resonable distance, until finally his wings sprouted and the wind caught them, carrying him up wtih little ease.. slowly making his way over to the glint. Carefully so as to not make a sound. The glint was soon in sight and he quieted his entire movements.. holding his breath as he saw the star come into focus, slowly it grew bigger and bigger.. his concentration fully on the star.

While Siguriel had moved to hover above that star and fell into a soundless freefall, reaching out softly and hoping to catch hold of that star, sapphire eyes intent.

Hyugalis did not notice that Sigurd was there hovering.. perhaps it was because of the black wings.. or the dark skin.. all Hyuga could do was sense the heat against the fingertips, caressing him. He caught his breath and then reached out to grab. The star though.. it sensed them and before they could do anything it zoomed off with a giggle.. however Hyugalis's concentration had shifted, from the star to the man hovering above him who was reaching for the same thing he had been... and incidentally their fingers brushed together. sending a -jolt- going through both of them.

Siguriel's wings beat in response, freezing him there as he blinked almost thoughtfully. ~What was that feeling?~ the thought echoed through him and he couldn't seem to find his voice. It had been pleasant, certainly not unwelcome, in fact he'd enjoyed the feeling.

~This jolt.. so.. nice...~ Hyugalis thought as he felt a warmth spread over him. A flush filled his cheeks as he looked up at the hovering angel, both their wings beating in unison. The star was seemingly forgotten in the space of a moment, of pure companionship.. and something more. "We seem to have.. missed the star.." He found his voice as he rose a few inches with his wings, his own eyes as dark as night.

"That's allright.... You're far more beautiful." Siguriel found himself saying and wasn't sure why or how, only knowing that the words emmerged from his lips automatically.

Hyugalis's breath caught softly in his throat and he felt the universe dissolve until it was nothing, and looking into those blue water eyes.. he could not help it.. he allowed himself a few more inches, allowing himself to be woo'd in the mysteries of the depths.. of the darkness and starlight. "You think I am.. beautiful?" He inquired softly, hovering in the silence

~And that is all I shall post because I am a tease~

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