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~Another Writer's Urge~

I also have the strange urge to write a FFX-2 fic set to "Small of Two Pieces" from Xenogears. Probably a Nooj and Baralai fic.

Mainly because I already did a Xenogears fic to "1000 Words" and I think they could be companion pieces of sorts.

I would probably tie it in with Nooj x Baralai and Shuurin x Ademus because they are ancestors in me and Kuro's RPs.

Not to mention Kuro and I noticed that Nooj x Baralai and Citan and Sigurd look -quite- a bit alike. Scarily alike.

All Nooj needs to do to become Citan is get paler, thinner and have darker hair (not to mention the Inventor glasses) and all Baralai needs to do to become Sigurd is grow his bangs out, become buffer and sprout an eyepatch and get contacts. *snerks*
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