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~Companion fic to Sunrise~

I really need to figure out a song for the club-sex scene with Citan and Sigurd.

Let's see the list. (And if I could find the translation for "Temptation" by Harisu, I'd use that). I really want a song that is retro-y, being that it's really been 12 years since Citan and Sigurd had been teenagers and back at Jugend.

I want it raw.. because this won't be the happy little lovey dovey smut that "Just One NIght" was.. this is going to be.. all out. *heh's* I am in the mood for something horrendously smutty.

1.) "I Remember Holding You" by Boys Club. (It has that hot steamy sound to it... I want sensuality.. deep sensuality.. a very hot club where the smell of sweat and sex is apparent..)
2.) "Save a Prayer" by Breathe (The Remixed version of course)
3.) "Breathe of Life" by Erasure. (Because Erasure was a big thing in the 80s club scene)
4.) "Candy Man" by Aqua.. (no of course I am -not- going to use it.. I just put it there because I think really dirty yaoi thoughts whenever I hear it. *snerks*)
5.) Hey, queenofhearts, totally OT but did you know that now I cannot hear the song "When the World Ends" Without thinking of Sigurd and Citan. *hugs* You are a dear..! *hee's*
6.) Back to the list....
4.) "Sometimes" by Erasure. (Really the beat has to be something you can fuck to.. that and I like the lyrics to this song..)
5.) "Was It Worth It" by Pet Shop Boys. (what is more retro then PSB? *snickers*)
6.) "Love Supreme" by Robbie Williams is tickling my fancy.. of course I've done that song for quite a few songfics.. so I dunno.
7.) "Chained to You" by Savage Garden would be a -nice- song to do. That is probably up in my top 3. Not retro-y but nice to fuck to... *heh's*
8.) "Another Day" by DJ Encore feat Engelina.
9.) "Banca Banca" by E-Type.. but only because I just got the plot bunny for Citan and Sigurd -salsa- dancing.. that just gave me nice goosebumps. *shivers*
10.) "Calling Your Name" by E-Type.
11.) "I Just Wanna be With You" by E-Type
12.) "Bolero" by Fancy (I just like the desperation in that song.. desperate sex is fun)
13.) "Chinese Eyes" by Fancy is a nice song and if it wasn't about asian prostitution, I'd use it too.
14.) Japanese Girl" By Fancy. (Why didn't I think about this!!!)
15.) "Geisha Dreams" by Rollergirl.
16.) "You Spin Me Around" by Thalia (not by Dead or Alive) would probably work too.

Now to imagine the perfect rhythem.. *furrows*

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