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~Angel Eyes, you mean the world to me~

There is nothing like 80s eurodance. That and the fact that I really like the group, Fancy and now have kept over 6 of their songs, I think that warrents mention in my user info under music. Hey you never know when someone eclectic will come around and go, "Hey, that person likes so-and-so, damn that's rare but cool!"

Really great group. This is going to mentioned about until probably I finally get bored with downloading music from this group... so I hope you guys can tolerate my music ramblings. You all know I am driven by obsessions and fandoms.. and I think that's probably what makes my journal so amusing.. because then you can go, "Look there's the loser, Nia! So pathetic!" *snerks*

Of course nothing can beat the song, "Japanese Girl" which just rocks. (Though Chinese Eyes -does- come close)
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