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~The Name Game~

If you call me:

Nia - You are most of the population
Prince Nia - You are either Michelle or the entire population of Utopia Orbiting.
Hyu/Hyuga: - You are those that are convinced that I am a male.. (which by all rights I am.. at least in spirit)
Geisha of Broken Hearts - You are me.. and therefore you have been a bad girl for typing in third person.
Tanya - You are my parents and my immediate family and chances are I won't come when called.
NiaBiaBear - You are Mel...
Brat - You are Dimitri and therefore probably not worth my time.
Punkin - You are Alexi or were my grandmother
Virgo - You Athena whom I have not talked to in -quite- a while.
Bitch - You are my cat Laguna.. in which case I sincerely hope you don't have a LJ.
Nia-Love - You are Kuro.
BondageSeraph - You knew me from Blurty
Angel Nia - You knew me from the start of my LJ existance.
Schalalalalith - You are Draecus from Lunar Valley
Schala: - You are Goose or Mud
Soul Sister: - You are Viv or Jesse
Baka Brain - You are Angue in response to me forgetting that she called me "Ni-Chan" *snerks*
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