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~Fire in your eyes, burning twice.. love me with your chinese eyes~

Well, I am feeling better. Pizza is on the way and candy is stocked.. we also have movies to watch while I idly wander in and out online. Have so much to do, that and Kuro is going to be online soon.. that means more plotting n' stuff. I should get a soda and sip on it. I swear, I am such a pussy when it comes to pain of any sort. -_-

My Citan muse is disturbed at the newest additions to my music that are going to affect him.

"You chain me like a slave,
You drown me with your waves and more..."

That just inspires so many Sigurd x Citan ficbunnies involving water and bondage.

ASK ME HOW! *heh's*

I am sorry to everyone who thought that I actually posted Citan bondage. ^_^;;; However Ashley promised me the picture that she made.. evidentally Citan tied up. Remind me to kiss that girl. X_x

Duran Duran needs to hurry up and come out with their next CD. -_-; I don't think I can wait.. *sniffles*
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