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~The Nia and Ashley Show~

I FOOLED YOU! GARGARGARGAGR!!!!!!11111oneoneone


Bikkushin: ...
SigurdxHyuga: Congratulations!
Bikkushin: :B
SigurdxHyuga: *grins* I read! *yay's* *throws you a party*
Bikkushin: *par-tays*
SigurdxHyuga: *is happy because I finally found out who -really- sings my image song* *partays too*
SigurdxHyuga: *glomps you*
SigurdxHyuga: Laguna: *gives Ashley Cake*
SigurdxHyuga: *is going to die by Eurodance.. has a feeling*
Bikkushin: X3
SigurdxHyuga: So how does it feel to be legal and out on the streets?
SigurdxHyuga: BY YOURSELF!
SigurdxHyuga: *snerks*
Bikkushin: ... *been driving on her Learner' by herself ever since she got it* XD I feel more.. legal. XD
SigurdxHyuga: That sounds wrong when I say, "OMG ASHLEY YOU ARE SO LEGAL NOW!"
Bikkushin: ROFL XD XD XD
SigurdxHyuga: *gropes your legal ass* *snerks*
Bikkushin: X3 X3 X3
Bikkushin: *cracking up*
SigurdxHyuga: *just.. dies*
SigurdxHyuga: *sneaks in some more gropes because is a little perv*
Bikkushin: *uses stealthly ninja skills from Kiros to cop her own feels* 9_9
SigurdxHyuga: Citan: *to Kiros* Is it not nice when they rip you off? *slightly amused* Nia does it to me quite a bit
Bikkushin: Kiros: *is not amused* I didn't go through years of training and basic military training to use my hard earned skills to grope people.
SigurdxHyuga: Laguna: *is good for once and does not comment that Kiros -does- use his hard earned skills to grope him.. quite often too*
SigurdxHyuga: Laguna: *But it is the truth*
Bikkushin: XD
Bikkushin: *gets a request from a friend to give him a ride* LOL I'm already being used a ferry XD
SigurdxHyuga: Rydia: *hums the hypocrite song under her breath*
SigurdxHyuga: *grins* Oooh tell him you've got his ride right here. *snerks* That is when you point to the gear shift
SigurdxHyuga: Citan: NIA YOU ARE DEPRAVED!
Bikkushin: *DIES*
Bikkushin: NIA!!
Bikkushin: XD
SigurdxHyuga: *hides*
Bikkushin: XD XD Ohhh maaaan XD
SigurdxHyuga: Citan: Alright, that is it.. back to work everyone. *distributes mops to the other muses where the mind is going to be -cleaned-*
SigurdxHyuga: *thuds* Oh great.. not this again
Bikkushin: *is DYING*
Bikkushin: Nia, you are HORRIBLE. XD
SigurdxHyuga: *is a sick sick person*
Bikkushin: I'm surprised I haven't pulled anything yet!
Bikkushin: Oh! While I'm out, I'm going to go out and pick my camera up so I can get your Citanbondage to you.
SigurdxHyuga: When I spontaneously grow a dick, I'll let you pull it.. just so that you can say that you -did- pull something.. YES CITAN BONDAGE
SigurdxHyuga: There is something wrong when Komm SUSSER TODD comes on your playlist
Bikkushin: XD XD XD XD XD
SigurdxHyuga: *shakes head*
Bikkushin: OK, OK, lemme go, OK? XD 'll see if I can get back home early
SigurdxHyuga: That is the song that says, "Nia, your mind has hit the mortuary of the soul"
SigurdxHyuga: Citan: X_X
Bikkushin: XD BBL
Bikkushin signed off at 12:58:07.

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