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~I am Reborn Only to Love You~

The balcony, would it be high enough? He wanted to make sure that death would find him and so he worked through some of the inner passages until he was standing up in the high rafters that ran across the inside of the cathedral, pacing softly toward the head end of the cathedral where a large cross was positoned far below on the ground and above that cross the two one winged angels of Nisan flagged each side of it. "Forgive me my father for I have sinned... I have lost my other wing and my angel companion has left me. Forgive me Citan for I have sinned and I could not protect you from fate, but I will be coming to you soon, I will be there so wait for me please." he said the words resolutely and then paused at there the rafters ended, gazing downward. The bells started to sound that it was midnight and he leaned forward and then fell, fell between the towering statues of those one winged angels, going to seek out his other wing, his other half. And then his body connected with a sickening thud to the pointed peak of that cross which ran him through, impaling him through the gut. Eye widened and then closed as he shuddered feeling his blood running downward against cold metal and then his consiousness leaving him. "I'll find you... I promise..." he whispered and then hung limply there. It would be quite the horrific sight for the other priests and nuns in the morning, his dead figure impaled firmly upon that cross soaked in blood that pooled against the polished stone floors.

Yet was macabre yes.. but it was beautiful.. for the angels above Sigurd.. they filled with light and bore a strong resemblance to Citan and him. Two wings needed to fly.. for that was the way of the wings, one could not fly with only one. Death came quick to Sigurd.. and indeed Citan was there to meet him... for in their situation death was only temporary.. it was only a state until they could find their next lives.. and be reborn to love only each other.

And that is the end of that life of Citan and Sigurd's. *snickers*

I have finally finished crying. *snurfles*

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