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~Ai Ai Ai want you...~

I need to find more Bon Bon Blanco music. Very catchy stuff. ^_^

Also rhetorical question for anyone who has the question. This is of course for any McDonald's workers on my friend's list

What makes McDonald's coke -taste- better then other fast food franchises coke?

I mean I already know what makes the french fries better... it's the happy fry fairies that rain their sparkly dust of salt and cholestrol on each loving little stalk of potato-y goodness.

Oh well.

*tugs fox_read

Check my user-info. See that little info card? I made one for Kuro and Electra (you can find them on their infos) and I am going to make you one.. so just email me the image you want me to use.. alright and then email me what you want it to -read- on your info. ^_^ This is sort of the "I am sorry for not finishing your Yukito and Touya smut yet" pressie.

Oh yes, I'm sobbing like a baby

Ask me how!
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