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This is of course referenced here. This will be the letter that A.B Citan will give to Father Harcourt before he is led out to his death pyre but will bade Father Harcout not to read it until the flames have consumed him completely. Because I was writing out this letter in my mind before I went to bed. Or rather before I fell asleep.

Enjoy it kurohyou ^_~

Yes, Citan was thrilled.. he's even more thrilled for me to even be -posting- it on my LJ

Citan: Angst.. bah. *goes back to his workshop and holes himself up there*

Father Harcourt,

By the time you read this, all that shall linger of mine is ash and memory. Do not mourn too much for me, my dearest father. I subconsciously -knew- what I was getting into when you led me into your bedroom and I can never really blame you for that. I had -wanted- to be tempted, gods knew I had only wanted you since the moment you had stepped into the cathedral and I had been there, sweeping the entry-way.

But death, it is not such a sad thing for me. How can I complain from my fall from grace when but for a few moments I was able to touch the hands of my god. That was blasphemous yes, and I realize it. But I could not help writing it for it sprang to my soul, my dearest father. I am certainly hell-bound but one touch, one sacriligious kiss shall make it all worth it.

The inquisitors asked me if you had tempted me, I had to lie, my father and say that I tempted you with my supple young body and that you were only a man that you could not resist. It was a lie yes, but after one sin, committing another one does not seem so terrible. I knew they would understand the temptation of the flesh and no harm would come to you. I wanted to protect you, and in doing so I have.

When dawn rises, I will be lead out to the pyre and then tied to the stake.. I will show that the fires of hell will not bother me.. I will not cry, shall not flinch. I will take the flames licking against me and I shall prove to all that I do not regret what I have done with you, to cry would be to be sorry and I am not that. I do not regret a single moment with you. You, father Harcourt who showed me so much, who showed me that a heaven could exist in the hell of my life. You gave me but a taste but it was enough.

Goodbye my Father. My only temptation, My only love.


[Edit]: I think that Citan told Father Harcourt to -wait- to read the letter because he did not want Father Harcourt to throw himself up onto the flames. It was a stalling tactic. *pats Citan* Clever.... just suckerpunk him in the gut -after- the fact.

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