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~The last Kuro and Nia show for the evening~

OneWingedHyu: (And Nia is yawning.. she is going to have to cut it off here.. *falls over*)
OneWingedHyu: (Hyuga: NOOO! This is the -third- time we've been interrupted! *flops*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((*nod-nod* I should get to bed meself...// Sigurd: **grrrowls**))
OneWingedHyu: (But I'm -tired- Citan.. *blinks all sleepily* And hey you two got to orgasm.. it isn't like you are going to DIE!)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Sigurd: Now they owe us -three- unfinished smuts...))
OneWingedHyu: (Nooj and Baralai are happy with one time.. why can't you two be!)
OneWingedHyu: (fucking ingrates)
Deus Ex Mun: ((yeah, quit your complaining fellas!))
Deus Ex Mun: ((*snickers**))
OneWingedHyu: (I think we should kill them next time we play.. teach em a lesson)
OneWingedHyu: (Nice big dramatic death scene...)
Deus Ex Mun: ((**El** Yeah, you want -that- to happen? **eyes them**))
OneWingedHyu: (Hyuga: *sobs*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Sigurd: o.o;; Not particularly... I just want to be with Hyu..))
OneWingedHyu: (Yes.. next play.. death..)
OneWingedHyu: (It's a bout time.. you've had -enough- damn smuts)
OneWingedHyu: (it's time to repay us in ANGST)
OneWingedHyu: (Hyuga: *feels so.. indignant*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((**snickers** XDD Maybe "Father Harcourt" and "Altar Boy Citan" Should meet their painful end... **snerks**))
Deus Ex Mun: ((*laughs wickedly*))
OneWingedHyu: (*evil laugh* Ooooh yes.. *snickers* I think they should be caught having sex..)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Keep that up and we'll really make you suffer, Hyu.))
OneWingedHyu: (Mid sex even.. so they are interrupted AGAIN!)
OneWingedHyu: (Mid sex with a climax in death.. yum.. my mouth is watering already)
Deus Ex Mun: ((*nods** Indeed! **EL** Interrupted and then DEATH!))
OneWingedHyu: (That'll prove em..)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Sigurd: **collapses sobbing**))
OneWingedHyu: (*sweeps you up into my arms*)
OneWingedHyu: (*all teh gallant*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Then there'll be no more lip from them!// **swoons**))
Deus Ex Mun: ((^_^ My hero!))
OneWingedHyu: (Oh there will be lip becasue they don't know how to control their lips..)
Deus Ex Mun: ((**snickers** True, true...))
OneWingedHyu: (*carries you off to my bed of loooooove*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((*purrs and curls against you happily*))
OneWingedHyu: (*complete with rose petals*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((*oohs* Sooo pretty... *_* ))
OneWingedHyu: (Hyu: *grumbles and disappears into C-box after dragging Sigurd with him*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Sigurd: **is willingly dragged**))
OneWingedHyu: (Hyu: *gets out his Nia and Kuro paper dolls and starts cutting off their heads*)
OneWingedHyu: (Hyu: *will give that couple a BUNCH of pretend angst*)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Sig: Can I have some of those? **sits down**))
Deus Ex Mun: ((**snickers**))
OneWingedHyu: (Hyu: You can be Kuro! *hands Sig the paper doll* We are going to play, "Let's throw them off Niagra Falls"*)
OneWingedHyu: (So mean.. yup.. they dead..)
OneWingedHyu: (*drags Kuro off* Night Kuro-kitten!)
Deus Ex Mun: ((Sigurd: **laughs** And they shall meet their tragic deaths. Poor things. **sarcasm**))
Deus Ex Mun: (((Yup suffering for them!))
Deus Ex Mun: ((Night Nia love!))
OneWingedHyu: *snores*
Deus Ex Mun: **snores as well**

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