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~gackted from random poking in wingzer0angel's journal~

~Name A-Z artists and a song in your media player. You get to chose what to share with the world. Well LJ land any-hoo.~

*A* Alizee ~ Moi Lolita
*B* Baby Vox~ Change
*C* Chihiro Yonekura ~ Watashi no Yuki
*D* Duran Duran ~ American Science
*E* Erasure ~ Ship of Fools
*F* Fukada Kyoko~ Saigo no Kaijitsu
*G* Go West~ You Will Do For Love
*H* Harisu~ Asura
*I* Iwao Junko ~ Hurt
*J* JD Harding OC Remix ~ Daughter of Evil (Chrono Trigger)
*K* Klaha ~ Taiyou no Ori
*L* L'arc~en~Ciel ~ Caress of Venus
*M* Masami Oki ~ Kiss in the Dark
*N* New Order ~ Close Range
*O* Oda Kazumasa ~ Kaze no Machi
*P* Pet Shop Boys ~ Don't Know What You Want
*Q* Queensryche ~ Silent Lucidity
*R* Rick Astley ~ The Love Has Gone
*S* Sarah Brightman ~ The Second Element
*T* Take That ~ Every Guy
*U* Utada Hikaru ~ Shiawaseni Narou
*V* VNV Nation ~ Beloved
*W* Weiss Kruetz ~ Velvet Underworld
*X* Xenogears ~ Lahan
*Y* Yaz ~ Only You
*Z* Zazael ~ Reborn

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