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~Yet another drabble~

This is going to be crossposted at hyuricdeau and perhaps animedrabble when I get the time.

Requester: fox_reed
Pairing: Sigurd x Citan (though this is a family fic.. so Midori is in it too)
Challenge Word: Chomp!
Length: I never -follow- length. One rule of drabbles I'll probably always break
Scenario: Island Getaway.. with a twist. (hence why Midori is there)

And look, the song that Fox Reed suggested to me came up when I was posting this. It must be an omen.

Aquavy was particularly nice this time of the year, at least after the water warmed up and the sun hit the litle individual sun bathing islands and thereby making it appear like a vacationer's dream. It was of course one of Sigurd's most favorite places to go for vacation. Mainly because on the island's Hyuga had absolutely -no- chance to do any work. He -had- to sit there and have fun. Fun which did not include working on his various projects or holing himself in stuffy gear shops. That meant he had Hyuga's undivided attention with no sharing whatsoever.

Well usually no sharing.

Now Sigurd didn't grudge the fact that Billy canceled out last minute as the babysitter for Midori while they were away. In fact he didn't grudge the fact that Midori came along period, it only meant that he and Hyuga couldn't have -sex- all over the place like Sigurd had originally intended. It threw a damper on the romantic getaway, sure. But Midori was never so much a problem as a delight.

For all the fact that there were no gear shops on this secluded island, Hyuga certainly had brought enough books to last him for at least 10 days -after- their departure from this island paradise. That was a bit disgruntling to be sure, when you stumbled out of bed only to stub your toe on a thick hardbound volume of "popular mechanics" that your lover had left lying around almost carelessly. Living with Hyuga was interesting at the most and being that all of his duties as Fei's Guardian had been fufilled and a reasonable time of mourning over Yui's death had surpassed, well it allowed Hyuga to be a little bit more laid back concerning most matters.

"Uncle Siggy, why isn't daddy coming in the water.." Midori said as she clung to a yellow duckie floaty and was kicking through the water like a little green clad mini speedboat. She hadn't dived under the water yet so her golden curls were relatively non-touched by water. Next to her Sigurd was pulling the floaty around and while the water was not his natural element, he still did enjoy the cooling waters lap against him. It was calm and relaxing.

Their eyes were cast to the shore where they were watching Hyuga lounging on a lawn chair, with a big floppy hat plopped down on his ebony locks, casting his face in the shade as he peered down at a large volume spread out on his lap. He was dressed for swimming, yes for his pale chest was bared, glistening slightly with the high end SPF lotion that he applied rather generously so as to not get burned and clad in dark forest green swim trunks, the kind that he wore -when- he was in the presence of Midori. (what he wore -out- of Midori's presence is for another drabble altogether).

"Hyu! When are you coming into the water?" Sigurd called from where he was treading water.

"Soon, I promise." Hyuga said as he turned the page on his book and started in on reading that particular page.

"You said that 20 minutes ago, daddy!" Midori shouted as she splashed against the water for emphasis.

"I realize this Midori. I promise it will not be much longer, I just want to get to the end of this chapter." Came the excuse which was somewhat distracted. Hyuga tended to do that when he had a book opened in front of him. Midori then leveled Sigurd with a look and she said rather solemnly for a girl of 6 years old.

"You think you could drag him in here?" Very blunt, but usually only when she was around people that she knew and trusted.

"I can try." Sigurd said solemnly as he cast his eyes to the shore and then he let go of the floaty and stalked his way out of the water like venus rising from the sea. It would be revealed that he was wearing trunks quite similar to Hyuga's, except they were a deep amethyst purple which set off his fine brown sugar skin. As he walked, a sway of silvery hair fell in his good eye, back and forth like a pendulum. In the space of a few seconds, he was finally standing over Hyuga with his hands on his hips.

"Your presence has been required by Princess Midori, Hyu-love." Sigurd said with a indolent raise of his brow, giving Hyuga his best -intimidating- look, the same look that he had to use on Bart many times in order to get him to behave.

"But Sigurd, I am -nearly- done with this tome. It shall not take me long at all." Hyuga said as he lifted one hand to shield the brim of his hat and then glanced upward to look into Sigurd's eye, a sheepish smile tugging at his lips, one that Hyuga obviously thought was going to get him out of trouble. He ducked his head and bit his lower lip to emphasize the severity of his situation.

Sigurd and Hyuga maintained eye contact for a good couple of minutes. Eyes that were staring each other down, Sigurd's Fatima blue eye unrelenting and Hyuga's faintly resembling that of a puppy that was trying to be good. Adorable limpidness and all. Sigurd was the first one to break the stare-off as he reached down and plucked the hefty tome out of Hyuga's hands and tossed it carelessly to the ground even though it must of weighed at -least- 10 pounds.

"Sigurd! Really that was uncalled for..." Hyuga's voice rose up over the lap of the waves.

"Not as uncalled for as this'll be." Sigurd snickered as he reached down and grabbed Hyuga and with uncommon strength -threw- the lithe doctor over his shoulder. Sigurd then turned on his heel and plowed through the sand toward the waters.

"SIGURD!!!!" Hyuga yelled as his hand reached up to hold his floppy hat on, like it mattered though, his legs kicked out sporadically but still Sigurd did not let go.

"Yes, Hyu-love.. yell all you want, it won't help you in the end." Sigurd said -quite- stoically as he started to wade out into the water, with each step bringing them deeper into the water.

"Yay! Daddy's here!" Midori clapped delightedly from her perch on the duck floatie.

Once Sigurd was waist deep, he threw Hyuga off of him and toward the waters. And likewise Hyuga went, flailing limbs and touched back into the waters with a pronounced splash and then several splashes and vocalized sputters.

"Sigurd Harcourt, that was highly uncalled for and you shall be lucky if you get anything more then..." But before Hyuga could complete that sentance, he felt a chibi something glomp against his back. Something with draggingly wet curls that tickled against his neck.

"CHOMP! I got you, daddy! I'm a shark and you're my dinner!" Midori said with a laughing little giggle as she all but glomped onto her father's back.

That stifled all of Hyuga's protests and he allowed a smile to caress over his face, glancing behind him and seeing Midori perched there. Forgetting all about the sandy book that lay discarded on the shore or his own dunking at the hands of his lover.

"Then I suppose a game of 'Shark Bait' is in due order then." Hyuga said with a mischeviouos little grin that was rare on his face but it highlighted his chiseled features all the more. Placed their by the bonds of sea, fire and family.

And over Hyuga's head, Sigurd and Midori exchanged a knowing look that completely went over Hyuga's head.

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