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~If you can't get a girl but your best friend can.. it's time to move your body~

Alright so I am awake after dreams that Citan muse pestered me with while I was asleep. However I remember specifically telling kurohyou that if I was ever booted off real late, not to wait up for me... especially when it got to be the early morning for her. So I was like, screw it and went off.

Hyuga-sensei is still -trying- to forgive me, he needs his pot of green tea first unfortunately.

Oh but the mental images were just too good... *snarks*

Citan: You are going to hell, and I shall be there to wish you bon voyage.. *grumpy*

So anyways Kuro, I got yet another vision of another of their past lives for the RP. -_- It is one that will allow you to use that -one- picture of Sigurd. The one with him wearing glasses and what looks like a casual suit. Yes, it came to me while I was drifting off into the muse-free land of slumber.

Now I need to finish the Surf-holiday drabble. Almost done though. I am certain that it is going to be -way- over 1,000 words. And all from the girl who won the gag award in senior english class, the "Unable to write more then 4,000 words on -anything- Leo Tolstoy Award". Damn I wish I still had that. ^_^

Tonight we should give Sigurd and Citan a rest. Perhaps play with Nooj and Baralai.

Citan: But we were in the middle of a very important and classified scene and I am afraid that it is not possible.....*is cut off by Nia*

Citan, who holds the strings here.. yeah, I thought so. *snerks*

I am somewhat expecting them to form a union sometime or another. -_-. The "Muses against Kuro and Nia Alliance"

OneWingedHyu: Laguna: *trots in and tackles Kiros to the ground* GOOD MORNING!
OneWingedHyu: *bleary* It's too early for this Laguna..
Jaggard Roger: Kiros: *is tackled to the ground, toothbrush and toothpaste still cltuched in his hands* ARGH!
Jaggard Roger: XD
OneWingedHyu: I know.. *falls over* Tried to tell him that but evidentally he is the morning person that I am not.
OneWingedHyu: Laguna: *yay's* *crawls off Kiros and gets his own toothbrush out, the handle that is shaped as a Chocobo*
Jaggard Roger: *pets the Nia* ^_^;;;;;;;
OneWingedHyu: Chocobo toothbrush. *so falls over*
OneWingedHyu: *gets petted*
Jaggard Roger: Kiros: *just lays there, blinking dazedly before finally sitting up with a groan* Laguna... it's waaay too early for this. *glares up at Laguna through the messy tangle of his hair-- yep, he hasn't braided it yet*
Jaggard Roger: I want a Chocobo toothbrush..
Jaggard Roger: Or a Tonberry one! :D
OneWingedHyu: Laguna: *eyes the mun of Kiros* My chocobo toothbrush! *clutches it to his chest, glances over at Kiros* It is never too early for friendship, Kiros!
OneWingedHyu: *dies* I want a Tonberry one
OneWingedHyu: Laguna: *will get Kiros a Tonberry toothbrush.. if he hasn't already*
Jaggard Roger: Kiros: *lets out an uncharacteristic whimper at Laguna's chirpings before climbing to his feet* Laguna..please. It's too early for anything. *blinks at Laguna's toothbrush* ...
OneWingedHyu: Laguna: Isn't it cute? I got it at FunLand* <----- the amusement park he demanded on being built in Esthar after everything settlled* OH YES! *jumps up and then dashes off, comes back with a Tonberry toothbrush still in it's package that he hands to Kiros.* For you! *hee's*
Jaggard Roger: Kiros: *stares in horror at the brown, green, and yellow toothbrush.* You've got to be kidding. *glances at his practical, normal blue toothbrush before looking back at the Tonberry one, reaching for it* ..You are joking, right?
OneWingedHyu: Laguna: You don't.. like it? *Laguna's lower lip trembles as he watches Kiros reach for it* I thought you would.. I mean you only have a Tonberry plushie in your closet.. I thought you'd like it.
OneWingedHyu: *dies laughing at Laguna*
OneWingedHyu: He's so adorable
Jaggard Roger: XD I knoooow... X3 He KNOWS about the Tonberry plushie... XD XD
OneWingedHyu: Because Laguna peeks into Kiros's closet
OneWingedHyu: Who knows what other dark deadly secrets Kiros keeps in his closet
Jaggard Roger: XD
OneWingedHyu: Laguna: *had to go super secret ninja skills on that closet*
OneWingedHyu: After of course he tripped over everything and fell face first against a pile of smoke bombs
Jaggard Roger: Kiros: Yes, I do like Ton-- *pauses. eyes widen slightly* How...how did you.. *he quickly grabs the Tonberry toothbrush, blushing slightly.* Laguna, have you been going through my stuff? *he pales slightly--if Laguna ever found that huge scrapbook about Laguna he kept, he'd never live it down...*
OneWingedHyu: Laguna: *Fortunately Laguna didn't pick up anything that looked like books or photo albums.. he only noticed the really obvious things.. much like real life. So the Tonberry plushie stood out, as well as box of bondage gear that has never been opened* Nooooooo.. not me. *cues the little halo* Just saw the Tonberry plushie.. it peeked out at me! I swear you're keeping a real tonberry in your closet, Kiros.
OneWingedHyu: Laguna: *continues* You know all plushies come to life when you are out of the room..
OneWingedHyu: *plays the Teddy Bear's Picnic*
Jaggard Roger: ......
OneWingedHyu: I know.. *snickers* I have to think of everything I believed as a child and apply it to a grown up Laguna
OneWingedHyu: Heaven forbid -anyone- tell Laguna that Santa Claus doesn't exist
OneWingedHyu: Kiros would probably kick the offender's ass
OneWingedHyu: Laguna: And the tooth fairy! And the Easter Bunny!
OneWingedHyu: *thuds*
Jaggard Roger: XD
Jaggard Roger: How much you wanna bet that Kiros hid easter eggs XD
Jaggard Roger: Kiros: .... I'm sure they do, Laguna. *He's having a hard time staying moritfied at the whole thing of secrets being discovered. Mostly because he's trying his hardest not to laugh at Laguna's childishness. But, ah, it was one of the many things he loves about him..* Er. Thank you for the toothbrush.
OneWingedHyu: YES KIROS DID! *grins* and filled the stockings.. *snerks*
OneWingedHyu: Wearing a Santa Hat and EVERYTHING
Jaggard Roger: *glomples Kiros* Awww, you're SUCH a sweetheart!
Jaggard Roger: Kiros: *grumbles*
OneWingedHyu: It's okay Kiros, your secret is safe with us.. we won't tell Laguna
OneWingedHyu: *snerks*

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