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~Icon pictures I will -never- get rid of~

Citan kisses katana
Citan reflective
SigxCitan round zero
SigxCitan hush hush
Citan Serious
Citan Fave
Citan Chibi Oekaki
Young Hyu Serious
Citan Chibi Smiling Happily
Citan Fandom
Citan Damn Hot Angels Halo
Citan Oh Gods Damn People
Citan Kick Ass
Citan Shut Up I'm Working
Citan a Little Bit Annoyed
Citan Very Proper
Citan Embarassed
Citan Dreamy Far Off
Citan Snarky
Hyuga as Teenage Element Teh Hawt
Citan Mulling Over the Past
Citan Waiting for Sigurd to Come
Citan Dramatic Red Ribbon
Citan Drawing Out His Sword
Hyuga Back at Jugend
Citan Angsting Again
Citan Geisha of Broken Hearts
Citan On Your Knees
Citan Sideways Glance
Citan is a Know-It-ALl
Citan Art by Pirochan
Citan Chibi Neko
Citan Loves his Daughter Midori

Other icons are subject to being switched out
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