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~And now for my explaination on why I am not on my main AIM account~

For the mere fact that I do not enjoy being on AIM when I make it clear that I am not in an RPing mood and then I keep getting constant questions onto -when- I'm going to be able to RP. I say no and I usually mean no, no does not mean maybe. Maybe means maybe. Yes and Sure means Yes and Sure. And I do not know when I am going to magically feel like RPing again, and it makes me not want to RP all the more when I keep getting volleyed with requests.

It really cuts down on my enjoyment of conversations no matter -how- much I -like- that person.

I do not want to use an example but I will... Kuro -never- asks me to RP. When I say no, she leaves it at that. She is not afraid to just be OOC and act silly.

She does not keep reminding me that it is my turn to post if I suddenly get off track on the subject. In fact she usually -contributes- to the off-track subject.

And now I am going to go to Wal-Mart and pick up the next season of Will & Grace. It should be out now. *falls over*

Damn Will is hot.

I also needs snakie food!
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