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Kuro and I should be bared from any type of written communication. At least that is what the muses said. It is because of the plot bunnies yes, it is also the insane plotting and the over-the-top mansmut that we RP.

Citan: Seriously Nia, if someone -came- that many times, the bed would be -flooded- and we would be quivering masses of nerve endings.

Always the rational one, that Citan.

What is the ingredients for a Nia and Kuro RP.

1.) 14 cups of diced up plot bunnies.
2.) 3 to 4 cans of caffienated beverages
3.) 2 muses who do not really -want- to play because they know what it'll mean to them if we do.
5.) 1 thick twine of rope to type them up in case they try to -run- before playtime.
6.) A full MP3 list ready to play. (or in Kuro's case, just the song "Lhasa" repeated over and over again.)
7.) Our two twisted senses of rightness.

Oh boy did we ever make Priest Sigurd and Altar Boy Citan feel guilty. We berated them for giving into temptation. And oh now Altar Boy Citan is going to -burn-. *evil laughter* <---- evil to her Cs? That's an understatement.

Also planning not one but -two- AU RPs for those two. I have successfully helped Kuro to realize that she -adores- Citan and Sigurd. It's beautiful. ^_^. We finished the altar boy scene and now we are on to the -real- story line and the renenactment of Sigurd and Citan's reunion on board the Yggsdrasil. We've already played out the first smut of their reunion so we theoretically don't have to do that. (We are not going in order, we are playing as each scene strikes our fancy.. we've done the whole "Shevat" thing and of course Sigurd adores Yui and Midori. He would probably defend them almost as much as he would Citan.

And Kuro and I both agreed that if Citan is not with Sigurd.. then he -has- to be with Yui. We have a decided fondness for her as a character.. Midori too. Other characters are not getting off so easily.. *coughscoughcoughcoughcoughtrashcoughcoughcough* And Kuro's Sigurd muse is looking forward to getting to -kill- Kahr in the AU on.. killing Kahr and going on to become the Guardian Angel of Bledavik.

Now if I could finish teh songfic to "Bailamos"

Oh yes I have just annoyed Citan by occasionally lasping into AOL speak.. doing the whole...:


He hates that.

Citan: Come on, Nia. I know you are more intelligent then that. If you were not, then you would not have so easy a time playing me.


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