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~To Do List~

1.) Finish the Citan and Sigurd smut!songfic to the song "Bailamos" which is the companion piece to "Sunrise" that I wrote. Second stanza onward.

2.) Start emailing people with link exchanges. Kuro and Electra? Does The Dream Nest have a banner? I suggest going to Bane-Huntress for pictures. I am also going to press for getting a link exchange there since it is a popular site. ^_^

3.) Gather up some of my writings for Dream Nest.

4.) Work on the "No Non-Mindfucked Muses Here" and "Sigurd and Citan, poster boys of angst!mansmut" banners. I have perfect pictures for -both-

5.) Work on the first version of the Xenogears review for Dream Nest.

Yes, Dream Nest has become an obsession. *heh's*
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