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~Duran Duran lyrics for Hyuga and then Duran Duran special!~

"Rock a bye baby it's time to break,
Habits that you've faced..
Sweet sorrow while the cherished date
Though in my mouth...
Every breath I take.
Although I need you..
I don't want to bleed for you.

So long suicide
Going right out of sight
Out of mind
Leave me alone and abandoned.

Hello, I'm alive
I'm alone and alive
And I know..
In my bones I know what I'm good for
Hello, I'm alive
I'm alone and alive
And I know..
In my bones I know what I'm good for

I stole the beauty and taste the hurt
There's always time for pretty flowers growing in the dirt
But time is your needle aimed to my heart
And I must be hollow
Cause I can't follow there

So long suicide
Going right out of sight
Out of mind..
Leave me aloned and abandoned.

Hello! I'm alive
I'm alone and alive
And I know
In my bones I know what I'm good for.
Hello! I'm alive
I'm alone and alive
And I know
In my bones I know what I'm good for.

I'm scared of being all alone...
But I swear to live like anyone..
And you know it's hard to make it
But life goes on

And after all the crash and swell
We are just human...

And after all is said and done
We're only human...
You're out of sight and out of mind..
I'm saying, 'so long suicide'
The hurt and shape of yesterday..
In blue tomorrow.."

Now I am going to go into the various Duran Duran albums and sort of expound on them. ^_^ Since I own every one that they've ever come out with. Yes fangirl.. ya think? *wry grin*

Duran Duran: Their self titled album. Most notable on this was "Girls on Film", "Planet Earth" and "Is There Something I should Know". Most of their stuff on this album is very catchy. Very few depressing songs on this one. The only songs I do not have on my playlist are "Night Boat", "Friends of Mine" and "Tele Aviv". I think because they don't really hold all that much interest for me. My favorite song on this CD.. "Careless Memories" and "Anyone Out There" But only because those two songs are the most depressing

Lyrics from that CD:

"My face in the mirror shows a break in time
A crack in the ocean that does not align"
, Anyone Out There

Rio: This was of course you could call their debut, I mean what person -doesn't- know the songs, "Rio" and "Hungry Like the Wolf". This CD holds alot of their "Oh-look-we-want-to-be-Indiana-Jones" dreams and it shows. This songs are -very- masculine. However songs like "Lonely In Your Nightmare" and "Save a Prayer" lend the slight melancholy edge to the album and provides a balance to poppy dancy beats like "My Own Way" and "Hold Back the Rain". Of course not to be left out is "New Religion" is what appears to be Duran's outrage toward established religion. A very funky beat and ultimately fun and then finally the very psychadelic "The Chauffer" which is a Duran Duran cult classic and then who could forget "Last Chance on the Stairway" which proves the age old wisdom, "Yes, you -too- can pick up chicks while you are dead drunk!"</i>. I possess all songs of this CD on my playlist -except- for "Hungry like the Wolf". Who needs to hear that song when you hear it on most every 80s station within broadcasting radius. My favorite song of course is a tie between "New Religion"> and "Lonely In Your Nightmare"

Lyrics from that CD that fit the mood of the CD

"Wonder why,
What makes me ride so high
Maybe it's something they put in your perfume
Or the look in your eyes
It could be the atmosphere sinking,
Oooh I don't know what you're thinking..
I don't even know what you're drinking..
But it keeps this heaven alive."
- Last Chance on the Stairways.

Yes everyone.. in this CD.. Duran Duran discovered GIRLS! *heh's*

Seven and the Ragged Tiger: This is another very -fun- album from the makers of Rio. You have the canon song about masturbation, ("The Reflex") which somehow sets the -whole- tone for the next 8 tracks. In fact most of the songs are -very- dancy and peppy and all hit at you in a row. As if Duran Duran decided that they wanted to become very happy go lucky. "New Moon on Monday" hits you, followed by the compulsive gambling song, ("I Take the Dice"), "I'm Looking for Cracks in the Pavement"</i> which is a song about being somewhat psychotic. After that followed by Indiana Jones-esque "Union of the Snake" And the bitter "Of Crime and Passion" which shows that the girl from the last album's "Last Chance on the Stairway" probably fucked one (or all) of them over. Finally it concludes with a beautiful instrumental entitled "Tiger Tiger" which was inspired by the Keats Poem and then the sad and beautiful "Seventh Stranger". Definitely not Duran's most -diverse- album but still a treat if you like dance tracks. I will always be partial to "Seventh Stranger" for the mere fact that it is hauntingly beautiful.. some of the lyrics are the best on that album and it winds it down nicely. And I don't have "Tiger Tiger" on my playlist though I should.. I just don't like instrumentals all that much unless they are on video games. I won't knock it though.


"Somebody's shaking my tree
Maybe that somebody is me?
Standing in the light but I'm making my break
For the shadows on the cinema wall
Should be mine but I'm not that tall
Now I'm saying this in private,
If I had a car I'd drive it insane."
-Cracks in the Pavement

Notorious: And then there were -three-. This is the album where two of the members left, leaving only Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes and John Taylor. (And a hell of alot of threesome slash for me. *yums*). The album starts out with "Notorious" which is a very gangster-esque song, it is really no wonder that the Notorious B.I.G did a remake of it. It doesn't really surprise me. Then it goes on to songs against the system that are "American Science" and "Meet El Presidente" which really show that at that point in their lives, the boys were a bit chauvinsitic. Both of them are filled with jazzy beats. "Skin Trade" is also very political though you wouldn't think of it from watching the music video. And then later in the CD are "So Misled" which is not so blatantly political. Duran Duran has grown -just- a little bit jaded in this album... that also carries over to the ballads. "A Matter of Feeling" which reeks of alienation, "Hold Me" of desperation and "Winter Marches On" A complete and utter lack of hope. It concludes with "Proposition" which is a plea for one's inner child. Not Duran's -best- album.. but after Capital Records screwed them over.. It doesn't surprise me. And we are coming to their -worst- album ever. (Even the best bands have them, people..). As far as preferences I like A Matter of Feeling and all those tracks -are- on my playlist. If anything because their music is poetry


"Dress in flimsy clothing,
Use your lipstick lines
To colour fear and loathing..
With a pink disguise.
You never refuse when she lies back
Put a stripe in the union
A star in the jack."
- Meet El Presidente

Big Thing: -this- is the real gem, people. Automatically you think that their title might be compensating for something.. and unfortuantely it -is-. For someone who likes alot of Instrumentals.. well it would be perfect for you.. but there are too many. Not to mention the song "Big Thing". Yes, if you can't tell me what they are singing about.. well you've probably grown up in a nunnery. Granted there -are- the redemable gems on this CD. "I Don't Want Your Love" is a beautiful talk back to a stalker. "All She Wants Is" Well sure it has female sex noises toward the end, but you can look over it as you listen to Simon's voice over it. "Palemino" Is a beautiful song, very western but a love song and then the haunting balled "Land" which also ties well in with the western theme of "Palemino". My favorite song is definitely "Land".


"Baby, I'm really sorry.
To break your dreams..
When it's so early.
Headlights on the windowpane
They're getting lost in the light of day.
Tomorrow is today..
And soon my ship will sail...
Away from here
To walk a howling sealane
Stay here with me
Your love is life
For love is land"
- Land

Liberty: You would think that after a vile album, Duran Duran could come out with a CD that was redeeming.. but they did. And oh what a jewel it is to me. This was a party album.. but a very happy party album. More like a beach party then "Rio's jet set parties on yachts and olives in martinis. This is basically what equates to Duran Duran throwing around a big beach ball and just kicking back. It shows with "Violence of Summer" which kicks off the album. (And we all know that the beginning and an ending of an album is very important.. it tells the story.. just like any good proluge and epilouge.). In this album, Duran Duran took a different approach to love. Not nearly so mysogynist as in their last couple of albums, they decided to give womankind a rest. "Liberty" is a groovy love song that says "Take it or leave it and if you want me, I'm here". I don't have "Hothead" on my playlist, but I do have "Serious" which is another "I don't care, it doesn't have to be serious.. just take each moment how it comes" type song. (The music is yummy!), Everything starts getting a bit more sexual with "All Along the Water" and "My Antartica" which are songs systematically about love and lust. "First Impression" actually tells a story about the day in the life of a rock star and has a rocking beat that makes you want to tap your feet.. and then "Read My Lips" and "Can You Deal With It" are the canon political songs of this album. (Unlike Notorious, there are not 10 of them on the album.). And then Venice Drowning which I swear to god Simon says the word JISM! Yes, I played this CD for the first time in my grandmother's car when I was driving her to the doctor's. You can imagine how red my face was when Simon sang it and I heard my grandmother snigger. By far my favorite song is "My Antartica" For it's stark view of love. Not to mention the crystalline notes struck here and there. You really feel like you are on an iceberg.


"Don't worry if you're confused
We all tend to be sometimes
The whole world is getting used
IT's just the way it is..
Maybe right, oooh it maybe wrong
Doesn't have to be serious
Being hard isn't being strong.
Doesn't have to be serious
Fighting for love, fighting for pain.
Doesn't have to be serious
And if you win.. oooh what do you gain?"

The Wedding Album; This album is my -favorite- one of theirs, hands down.. with Liberty not far behind it. And of course this song will be known for it's two -very- golden songs. Songs that put Duran Duran -back- on the charts for a little while. "Ordinary World" and "Come Undone" Two -very- beautiful songs. They speak for themselves and no matter of what I could say could do them justice. The album however starts off on a rant against "MTV" with "Too Much Information". Of course MTV wasn't the only one they were after, they also slurred "BBC" and "PBS" *heh's*. Duran Duran was approaching their controversial stages evidentally. Following right after was the song "Love Voodoo" which is a wickedly sensual song, once again Duran Duran cannot go for the space of an album without complaining about how women have fucked up their lives, this is also keys in later in the album with aptly named "Femme Fatale". "Drowning Man" and Shotgun" also systematically prove that Duran Duran wanted to scare little children with their frightening lyrics. Those two songs bordering on the morbid. (No, I do not have Drowning Man on my list but affirmative to "Shotgun" which is only 54 seconds long and it actually sounds like a gun shooting off). And that leads in to "Breath After Breath" which is a beautiful song about hope.. there is even someone singing in spanish in the background... it makes me think of wide open spaces and linen shirts. After which the next six songs get predominately -wierder-. There is of course "UMF" which is Duran Duran canon for thier typical "Horny" song but it is more of female fanservice because of Simon's moaning which sounds deliciously sexy. Then there is "None of the Above" which is a song about a complete and utter lack of faith and my -second- favorite on this album. Followed by "Femme Fatale" and then "Shelter which is a Romeo and Juliet-esque song. "Mr. Bones" and "Sin of the City" Wind down this album and become predominately more story-like. I suggest with this album that you should listen to the first 8 songs (with the exception of Drowning Man) and leave it at that.. you'd probably still have your innocence intact. Or at the very least be less wierded out.

Lyrics: (I am not going to post up Ordinary World lyrics.. don't worry)

"Talk me round,
Let's do it right here and now.
I don't want you cooling down.
Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up, turn it up.
We commit
Reality's two way, split personality, life's a bitch
But I'm fine making love to the ultimate mind
Heaven's bent
We're completely innocent
We all got to pay the rent..
And in time we'll learn to compromise."
- UMF (Told you it was sexual)

I am going to skip the "Thank You" Album because theoretically that is not Duran Duran's own works and so I am not too familar with the work theirin.. but it's worth it if only because you get to hear Simon LeBon RAP! *heh's*

Medazzaland It starts off with Nick doing this strange monolouge. I mean it is trippier then "The Chauffer" and that is saying -quite- a bit. Then it launches into "Big Bang Generation" which is very dancy and techno-y. Not sexual in any way and I think of all my characters when I hear this song. After that the guys -finally- admit that they'd rather have robot women then real women in "Electric Barbarella". I can't think of that song without thinking of Mel however since she was "Princess of my Dreams" *Coughs* but anyways. After that it lulls you into the songs of loss and sorrow with "Out of My Mind" which was also the ending for the Val Kilmer Movie, "The Saint." Unfortunately when this album came out, John Taylor left Duran Duran and so there where quite a few songs on this album that echoed their sentiments toward this like "Who Do You Think You Are" and "Buried in the Sand". "Silva Halo" is a very clean and seamless song about meglomania.. and then who could forget the "Be My Icon" which functions as the album's -creepy stalker song-. "Michael, You've Got alot To Answer For" holds slight homoerotic overtones to it, but I can accept it as being a song about best friend's.. seriously! ^_^. Finally the last three songs are "Midnight Sun" which is a breathtaking song reminiscent of "My Antartica" from Liberty.. and then "So Long Suicide" which is my favorite song on this album. *See above lyrics*). Finally with much aplomb Duran Duran ended the album with "Undergoing Treatment" which is their answer to the critic's jibes about the band getting too -old- to make music. Duran Duran didn't -just- say screw you. They said screw you.. with a song! ^_^. This is probably Duran Duran's most -diverse- album. So many different styles.. it's amazing really. Duran Duran has earned their time to expirement.


"You and I don't always fly
Let me go I want to fall..
Deep into the dark
But I'll get back to you.
Because I'll always know where to find you
Cause you shine like the midnight sun"

Pop Trash: Their last album to be released. Just as good as their other ones. This one.. it is very retro but in definitely a good way. The song starts and ends with the song "Somebody Else Not Me" except one difference.. The ending track is in spanish which Simon sings. It is sexy in both versions. "Lava Lamp" it seems like Duran Duran once again regained their hope in the female race. Hurrah.. *throws confetti*. "Playing with Uranium" is a hard edged rock song about playing with fire. Except well playing with Uranium is a bit more dangerous. *heh's* "Hallucinating Elvis" is just a plain fun song in which Duran Duran write music for people who are on acid. *heh's* After that song, everything goes downhill with the sad songs such as "Starting to Remember" and "Pop Trash Movie". The next two songs I didn't care too much for. One was an instrumental and the other is "Mars Meets Venus" which is just Simon picking up a personal's ad and just reading off it. Definitely a few points on the creativity side of the deal, it just didn't appeal to me. "Lady Xanax" Is a great song about some old lady on Xanax.. except that the song is sung as if you are the lady listening to the music as you are toked up. It carries that same ethereal quality. "The Sun Doesn't Shine Forever" Is a beautiful song about trying to find the hope before the rainbow.. and then the last song "Last Day on Earth" in which the question is asked, "What would you do if this was -your- last day on earth-" My favorite song on this of course is "Starting to Remember" with a close second coming in with "Lady Xanax"


"I'm living in a pop trash movie
We star together in every scene
We'll all be famous for just a few minutes
Part of a celluoid dream."
- Pop Trash Movie

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