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~Cool Link of the Day~

Ink Plus

That site is run by Charles Park. He is an -amazing- artist, I remember his Tifa artwork. One of the few artists that actually makes Tifa look realistic and -not- overly slutty. (you know breasts the size of a hot dog wagon.. -_- )

Go check out his stuff.

Oh yes, I got Kuro hooked up with Erasure stuff. ^o^ I'm so happy! *chibi yays*

Oh yes, and last night I think me and Kuro broke the "soul-bonding through anal-sex" x 10 last night. *heh's* And yes it was Citan and Sigurd.. *mmmmmmmh* Oh but such kinky sex.. *falls over*

Ah but I digress. *yawns* I must seek bed
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