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~New icon~

You know what this means right! *grins* It means that Nia needs to choose another icon. Of course theoretically I -should- roll a 100 sided dice and just go off that.. (being an icon for every two points.

Right now "1# Crush" by Garbage is on mu playlist but we shall see what comes up when the next song comes up.. and then icon shall be patterned accordingly with of course me describing exactly -why- I chose it.

{Because you know, Nia's wierd mind association thingi's...}

"Oh L'amour"

Well I guess it is going to be a Sigurd and Citan icon. *grins*

"Looking for you,
You were looking for me.
Always reaching for you..
You were too blind to see.
Oh love of my heart
Why leave me alone..
I'm falling apart,
No good on my own."

I think this shall be it. ^_^
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