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~Nobody else in this world could love you more...~

I love having conversations with people in which I know more about Xenogears then they do. Take for example my husband's friends Robbie who thinks he knows everything about every video game -including- Xenogears. And then I floored him.

Him: Jessie Black.. he's my favorite element.
Me: Bet you don't know his real name
Him: Of course, it's Jessie Black.
Me: No, it is Jesiah Blanche.
Him: Nah-uh.
Me: *points him to several sites that can support that information.

And then we got into it on Citan's name. *heh's* It was teh beautiful.

Though mad props to him, he -did- admit that Citan was in the closet. *heh's*

*pets my Citan*

The one advantage of having a main fandom. You just end up wowing people with your knowledge of the game and it's intricacies. Of course you also tend to -scare- them with said knowledge.
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